4 days / week

Programme Length

18 to 24 months


Ferrieres & Barcelona

Tuition fees

€ 27,600

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At Ferrieres, we believe that success starts with an intense academic programme covering a blend of theoretical courses, applied projects, practical work and exercices for personal development.

Luxury Hospitality Management

Like the other MSc specializations, Luxury Hospitality Management is a cross-curricular specialization where students take an active part in project work with regard to strategy, marketing, communication, and business operations. This option covers major aspects of the luxury industry, including luxury entrepreneurship and innovation, and ensures that a creative customer experience (globalized, local, personalized) is implemented. Luxury Hospitality graduates can advance towards careers in international hospitality and in the service-focused luxury sector.
Possibility of a dual degree with Skema Business School & GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

Events Design & Management

Event management has proved to be essential in business. During the past years, many event management professions emerged in a cultural, business, leisure, or sports context. This course introduces students to the concepts of developing, planning and staging events of all kinds. Additionally, the interdisciplinary course units allow students to develop more skills and be ready for the workplace on graduation.

Food Service Management

This specialization is suitable for holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Operations or any equivalent. It is an advanced path designed to prepare students to progress to a management-level position in hotels, restaurants, or evolve towards corporate positions and entrepreneurship careers. Students are guided through the emerging trends and strategies of the industry, and learn strategic and creative thinking. Moreover, they further their skills in supervisory operations through the joint curricular courses with the Wine Management & Marketing specialty.
Possibility of a dual degree with GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

Wine Marketing & Management

This course illustrates the importance of being a wine enthusiast and is designed for those wishing to make a living out of their passion for wine. This specialty allows students to gain practical experience and perform projects relevant to business operations. The focus is on product development, distribution, merchandising, negotiation, and enology. The career prospects are the following: purchasing, marketing, communication, export, or product management.
Possibility of a dual degree with GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

Revenue & Distribution Management

The revenue manager in the hospitality sector is involved in every single milestone of the customer journey, both online and offline. Therefore, the revenue management professional should display extended knowledge in general management, distribution, finance, and data analytics (Big Data). In addition to benefitting from the cross-curricular course units, students learn from in-class business games and gain good foundations in advanced data management, digital marketing, distribution, pricing & performance optimization.
Possibility of a dual degree with GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

Hospitality Talent Management

This degree programme focuses on enriching the employee’s journey, given that the input and role of individuals are considered valuable assets in an institution. The student earns supervisory abilities as well as advanced skills in recruiting, training, and performance management. The future graduate will be able to oversee the processes of integration, implication, recognition, and talent development of every employee. The Hospitality Talent graduate can often be involved in the development and management of the employer’s brand as well as its recruitment strategies. He gets to serve roles as a business partner or a member of the institution’s executive committee.
Possibility of a dual degree with GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

Hotel Management and Digital Strategy

This option is for individuals drawn to innovative IT pathways and attracted by the challenges of the digital revolution. This subject area is interdisciplinary and is centered on digital marketing, digital information, and exploitation systems (IT). It also covers applied project work through which students gain technical knowledge in designing strategies applicable to the hotel and restaurant industry. The coursework covers the challenging middle ground between business and IT and prepares future graduates for management positions in a production unit as well as careers in consulting or a corporate office. Double degrees are delivered with Grenoble School of Management, Skema Business School, and 89 Digital Higher Education.
Possibility of a dual degree with GEM Grenoble Ecole du Management.

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