Full-time for the 1st year with a work study experience over alternating periods beginning the 2nd year

Programme Length
Programme Length

3 years


Ferrieres - Barcelona

Tuition fees
Tuition fees

Initial course: 31 000€

Curriculum with learning period: 16 000€

Career Path
Career Path

100% employability

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  • BAC + 3   
  • Study abroad at the Barcelona Campus in the 3rd semester
    4th,5th & 6th semesters at the FERRIÈRES CAMPUS. Work-study experience possible

Tuition fees

First year: 11 000€
Second year: 10 000€
Third year: 10 000€
Total initial course: 31 000€
Total curriculum with learning period: 16 000€


  • To enroll in a professional course in order to quickly achieve professional recognition and mastery within a specialized trade. 
  • This is not my priority at the moment, but I am not excluding the possibility of continuing my studies in a Master 1.
  • To develop an expertise consistent with my talents and ambitions.
  • To blossom within a professional field that is in transition and constantly evolving to fulfil my passions.

The Manager in International Hotels and Restaurants is required to manage all the staff of their company or department: dining room, kitchen, and hotel, as well as to develop the activity and profitability of the restaurant, hotel, or hotel restaurant, in accordance with the objectives set by the management. 

They manage and develop customer relations. The possibility of alternating between school and the company from the 2nd year allows students to become professionals in Hospitality or Gastronomy while financing their studies. The 3-year Bachelor Ferrières is designed for students who want to move quickly towards an operational career. 

Semesters 4, 5, and 6 allow students to become expert practitioners in their chosen specialty, achieve operational excellence and assume more and more responsibilities within a team. 

RNCP level 6 title (equivalent to a Bac + 3). Responsible for international hotels and restaurants.

This certification is composed of 4 blocks of skills. Students must complete the related courses or equivalents within the VAE (validation of acquired competencies) framework.

To receive the certification, each student must therefore acquire all the skills that make up each block of skills.

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** Example of tuition fees for a start date in September 2023 including a work study experience. Depending on the program, there may be additional equipment, accommodation and study abroad costs.

Do you wish to specialize in the Hotel, Food & Beverage, Events or Human Resources subject areas?

Ferrieres Lifestyle

Student Life

Coordinated by the Student Office (BDE), Ferrieres encourages the development of community life, a key factor in the development of its students on the Campus.

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During their training, each student is gradually integrated into the different positions in the kitchen, dining room, sommelier, bar, reception, cleaning, sales, reservation, maintenance, and organization of events.

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Ferrières Campus

The Ferrières campus offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with “Excellence" thanks to several restaurants, catering and a 4 * hotel.

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