Full time

Programme Length
Programme Length

5 years (2 years in alternation)


Ferrières – Barcelona

Tuition fees
Tuition fees

Initial Course: 77 300€

Total Curriculum with an apprenticeship period: 55 500€

Career Path
Career Path

100% employability

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  • Possibility work-study
  • Bac +5 
  • Double degree EBS Paris – PGE 
  • RNCP level 7* 

Tuition fees

First year: 18 500€
Second year: 18 500€
Third year: 18 500€
Fourth year: 10 900€
Fifth year: 10 900€
Total initial course: 77 300€
Total curriculum with learning period: 55 500€


  • To follow a rich, diversified and experiential path to master operational management as well as leadership and the conceptualization of new sustainable offers in the international hotel and luxury industries. 
  • To commit to future societal and climatic issues by becoming an actor in their transformation.
  • To accomplish myself through a second university cycle designed, coordinated, and marked out from the first to the fifth year seems to be both an obvious choice and an exceptional opportunity to access all the professions in my preferred sectors. 
  • Benefit from a strong hybridization of knowledge thanks to the double degrees offered by the other schools of GA Education. 
  • Prepare myself for a fast-paced career that is international, intercultural, and cross-disciplinary in terms of roles, fields, and industries. 


  • Sustainable Service Management & Innovation 
  • Climate, Quality; People and Social Responsibility
  • International Business Development (Value creating Finance & Entrepreneurship) 
  • Responsible for Asset Management, Audit & Consulting 


The “Ferrières Grande École Program” is designed for students who decide to combine their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Ferrières and to obtain the PGE EBS degree. This program offers students in-depth expertise and experience in the profession of their choice. 

At the end of this exceptional program, whose coherence and complementarity are studied from the first to the fifth year, students receive, in addition to their two degrees, the unique parchment of the Summum Diplôma Ferrières, authenticated and numbered. 

At Ferrières, we believe that success is rooted in an intense academic program that combines theory, project design, field practice, and personal development activities. 

This curriculum provides students with in-depth expertise and experience in their chosen profession. 

At the end of this exceptional program, whose coherence and complementarity are studied from the first to the fifth year, students receive, in addition to their two degrees, the unique parchment of the Summum Diplôma Ferrières, authenticated and numbered. 

Students who must apply for this highly selective program from the first-year benefit from specific conditions and support. 

Professional Project

To lead an international career as general manager of an establishment, a profit center, a department at the level of a head office, a network of companies, or as the founder of my own brands. 


Two years of rich and intense discoveries: 

  • All the professions in the hotel, gastronomy, and luxury industries, allowing me to affirm my life project and to structure the most suitable path. 
  • The fundamentals of responsible business management (courses, case studies, and real projects). 
  • Daily realities of the future as an entrepreneur or manager that I plan to be in all types of business. 


  • Semester 5: On the Ferrières campus in Barcelona to complete my intercultural training and discover new professional practices in a new company through a PAP program specialized in the major of my choice 
  • Semester 6: Experiential expatriation according to one of the 4 proposed modes: linguistic, academic, professional, and humanitarian. 


  • The 4th year on the Ferrières campus is done in alternation to reinforce my expertise in line with my professional project and to evolve from operational management to leadership initiation. 


  • Broaden my entrepreneurial vision from the “micro” to the “macro” level 
  • Enrich my managerial skills to confidently apply for the management of services, departments, or SMEs 
  • Take a step back to master the consequences of all the arbitrations made within each department on the overall result of the company 
  • Certify myself on the transmission of skills by The appropriation of adapted manager-leader postures (mentoring or coaching or training). 
  • Prove my ability to understand the management of a company at 360°. 


The 5th and last year, still on the Ferrières campus, is a double degree with EBS Paris, in alternating years and in project mode to prepare for the transition from my life as a student to the management of my career. 


  • Consolidate my academic and experiential knowledge 
  • Integrate the need for a “lifelong learning” approach
  • Manage an “entrepreneurial” end-of-study project 
  • Conduct an academic research 

*Double diploma with EBS – RNCP35177 DipViGrM Diplôme program grande école de niveau 7 (equivalent to Bac +5)
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