4 day/week

Program duration

18 to 24 months


Ferrieres & Barcelone

Tuition fees

27,600 €

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The Ferrières MSc aims to develop flourishing individuals, competent executives and agile entrepreneurs within the field of Hospitality, Gastronomy, Events and Luxury Services Management.

As a graduate of the Ferrières MSc you will be able to:

  1. Manage yourself and lead others as a positive and ethical leader and a manager coach.
  2. Anticipate customer beahviour and its impact on the business evolution.
  3. Focus on service approach, service delivery, quality and innovation in a sustaible manner.
  4. Apply managerial, financial and marketing expertise on project in the field.
  5. Focus on data analytics, electronic distribution and reveue management strategies.
  6. Manage complex projects and product development in an ever changing environment.
  7. Foster collective intelligence and collaboration.

Educational Methods

In addition to essential academic courses, the Ferrières Positive Education Approach incorporates learning through hands on business projects as well as evidence based positive psychology interventions (Ferrieres Students Wellbeing Project). Conferences, seminars and workshops will allow you to deepen your self awareness, identify your values and strengths, and develop your unique positive leadership and management style. It includes, how to efficiently manage time, stress and priorities in your professional and personal life.

In collaboration with partner companies you will have the opportunity to engage with the industry, explore new expertise and expand your profile.

  1. Most courses are in a workshop format.
  2. Your study facilitators are active professionals or academics.
  3. If needed, you will benefit of bridging courses in culinary fundamentals, food & beverage management, hospitality management, luxury services management and finance in hospitality.
  4. Your professionalisation is at the heart of the Ferrières MSc with weekly encounters, masterclasses, debates and study trips.
  5. The study schedules is over four weekdays enabling you to work aside your studies.

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Ferrières life

Student Life

Ferrières is entirely dedicated to the student, accompanies him from his registration until his graduation in all his administrative, social and educational procedures.

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Ecosystem Ferrières

The Ferrières ecosystem offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with “Excellence” thanks to several restaurants, caterers and a 4 * hotel.

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