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Les étudiants Ferrières en Chine


Excited to explore faraway and vibrant destinations while learning? Overseas exchange programmes at Ferrières are the way to go. Just like every year, our year 2 Bachelor students carry out their academic exchange programme at the international campuses of our academic partners. A number of our students are currently at Skema Business School campus at Suzhou, making the best of this experience.


Overseas exchange programmes made possible thanks to our academic partners

During 6 months, our Bachelor students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture overseas. They mostly develop autonomous skills and benefit from the multiculturalism offered by their experience abroad.

These overseas experiences would not have been possible without our academic partners: Grenoble School of Management, Skema Business School and Bournemouth University.
On top of attending hotel and luxury management courses, students had the chance to get a feel of the luxury landscape in China by spending a night at the Crown Plaza, a 5* hotel in Suzhou in China.

They also were fortunate to spend quality time with Chinese families, and they are soon scheduled to visit Disneyland (Shanghai Disney Resort) for an exciting day and visit the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

Courses at the School of French Excellence

Ferrières, the School of French Excellence, specialised in hotel and gastronomy offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes preparing students to become efficient and fully operational professionals. French and Internationals interested in culinary programmes can also earn certifications in Cuisine, Pastry and Baking, thanks to our Continuing Education department.

The Bachelor, taught in 3 years, enables students to continue their postgraduate studies with a MSc degree.

These various courses in Luxury & Lifestyle, Events management, Food services, Culinary Arts & Sommellerie produce a comprehensive academic content allowing learners to build a solid grounding for better employability.


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