Each year, more than one hundred speakers take turn in giving guidance to our students and help them reach new highs, in accordance with their respective aspirations.

Our teachers’ backgrounds are diverse enough to adapt as closely as possible to the variety of their projects, to the progression of their coursework, and to the progression of their skills.

  • Professors, teachers, and trainers who are associated with the most renowned French and international institutions:
  • Certified and/or tenured professors for a smooth integration into higher education in the first year.
    • Seasoned and recognized professionals lecturing for various courses (Meilleur Ouvriers de France, business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, consultants …)
    • Recognized Ph.D. holders and experts involved in the MSc program.
  • Permanent academic staff of Ferrières: In addition to teachers specialized in specific disciplines, members of the executive committee and operational managers operating within the Ferrières on-site entities are involved in all courses, creating bridges between education and the economic and entrepreneurial contexts. The Ferrières academic staff also includes tutors, subject-specific coordinators, and inquiry advisers, all of them in direct contact with students.
  • Operational tutors: They oversee operations on the ground and supervise students during their hands-on missions, called PAP or Programme for accelerated Professionalisation.

Tuteurs opérationnels

Supervisent les opérations et encadrent les étudiants à l’occasion du PAP

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Référents professionnels

Forment à leur spécialité et pilotent les Ateliers Ferrières

Conseillers pédagogiques

Enseignent leur expertise et participent à la mise à jour permanente des programmes