What did you do before joining Ferriere?

Before studying at Ferrieres, I was in the transport sector.

Why did you choose to follow this course at Ferriere School?

I wanted to join a serious and a rigorous school to develop both my professional and behavioural skills. These attributes are essential in any profession, but probably more so in the gastronomy field.

With whom was your most meaningful encounter this year?

My most meaningful encounter was with Chef LECANU and the entire Royal Monceau team where I had the pleasure to carry out my internship.

If you were to choose a word to describe your chef instructor Emmanuel Lecanu, which one would it be?

It would be “team spirit”.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres ?

I have two favourite memories: The first one; the first day I met chef Emmanuel Lecanu, and the second one is my examination week which I still have a good memory of. The examinations have a particularly interesting format, and I still remember that.

During your course, where did you carry out your internship(s)??

At Royal Monceau « Pierre HERMÉ ».

Whats is your favourite part of the Ferrieres programme ?

I personally liked the vision and the values that were transmitted to us: zero waste and also the importance of constantly questioning my own abilities in order to move forward.

If you were to recommend the pastry course to a friend, what would you say?

I would tell them that learning and progressing is a continuous process, it’s important regardless of the price to pay. If it’s your passion, don’t hesitate, break the boundaries, aim higher, and focus on the outcome.