Mathilde Lanzini

Mathilde Lanzini


Today we honoring Mathilde Lanzini a third-year Bachelor IBBA student who is currently completing his end-of-year internship at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Marrakech !

« As part of my third year at IBBA, I had the opportunity to complete a six-month internship at the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech as part of my expatriate experience.

As soon as I arrived in Morocco, I immediately felt a sense of integration and was surrounded by wonderful people. Moroccans turned out to be warm hosts open to all cultures. I had the chance to work with a talented team and learn from experienced professionals, which greatly enriched my training and skills in the hospitality sector.

During this internship period, I had the incredible opportunity to work for four months as a Guest Experience Agent, which encompassed responsibilities related to reception, concierge and Guest Relations. However, for almost three months, I had the opportunity to join the marketing team, where I was involved in various missions. I took part in the preparation of influencer arrivals, focusing on PR aspects, while also working under the supervision of my colleague on digital aspects (website, social networks). This experience enabled me to develop a more complete vision of the industry, familiarizing myself with different facets of the luxury hotel and marketing field, while broadening my professional skills in these specific areas.

My day-to-day experience has presented me with a variety of challenges, both personal and professional. On a personal level, I managed to overcome my fear of the telephone, but I also worked on my shyness and self-confidence. These personal aspects are essential to my personal and professional development. On a professional level, the challenges have been more numerous and rewarding. I was able to acquire new skills and discover services with which I was previously unfamiliar. This experience has enabled me to broaden my horizons and familiarize myself with comprehensive aspects of the field, which has contributed to my professional growth.

This internship has been an extremely valuable and enriching experience, as it has given me the unique opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired throughout my studies at Ferrières and to develop my skills in the luxury hotel sector. I was able to put into practice the theoretical concepts I had learned in class and apply them in the field. Working at the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech allowed me to explore first-hand the high standards of luxury hospitality and to familiarize myself with the best practices of the hotel industry. I was exposed to a variety of tasks and responsibilities that allowed me to develop my operational skills, time management, problem-solving and teamwork abilities. Beyond technical skills, I also learned the importance of excellent customer service and adaptability in a dynamic environment.»