Marie-Caroline MALKO

Marie-Caroline MALKO

International Hospitality

How did you discover Ferrieres School?

In year 12 of High School, I reflected on the path I wanted to undertake after secondary school. When I visited the Education Fair of the Grandes Ecoles (SAGE) I saw Ferrieres’ booth. I followed up closely on the school since then, and when I completed my High School studies, I enrolled.

What did you do before studying at Ferrieres School?

I took a Baccalaureate in Literature, with distinction, after that I directly enrolled at Ferrieres.

Why did you choose Ferrieres School?

Ferrieres School offers the possibility to study gastronomy, hotel management, and luxury management altogether. This allows for students to get acquainted with three sectors that are interlinked and determine which one to choose later on. Learning about a specialty area that is closely related to the one you’re involved in gives you a global professional outlook and helps you learn certain management and organizational methods, which is essential for a manager.

What was your favorite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree program?

Courses are diverse: we have theoretical courses but also there is time allocated to put into practice our learning, be it through the Professionalisation Accelerator Programme (PAP), part-time hands-on work, or our participation in various events (fairs, festivals, award ceremonies). These factors combined are perfect for better grasp subjects during classes.

With whom was your most meaningful encounter during your time at Ferrieres?

Most of the encounters were unique. MOF masterclasses at the School, professionals sharing their experiences and providing guidance, representatives presenting their prestigious institutions, every single encounter is enriching. If I must choose one, I must say I was specifically impressed by the lecture of the Butler Robert Mauchamp, because of his exceptional career and the remarkable way he talks about it.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres?

I don’t have a memory in particular but many happy memories at Ferrieres.

What are the most important things you remember from your teachers?

Our teachers are well-regarded professionals in their respective domains. They not only teach us but also guide us, drive us forward, and provide counseling. Given their long experience, they give useful tips and share practical examples, which makes courses more dynamic.

Which is your preferred field: Hospitality, Gastronomy, or Luxury?

I think I will choose luxury management or luxury event planning, even if I really like restaurant service as well. I still got time and my many upcoming internships will help me take the right decision.

What, in your opinion, are the qualities that are necessary to succeed in this sector?

Openness, team spirit, and strategic thinking are the main assets that one should have when working in these fields.

What is your ultimate goal for your future career?

Given that I don’t know what will be my area of expertise, I have no specific ambition. I would like to work for well-known prestigious institutions and maybe secure a management position in one of them.

Where did you carry out your internship(s)?

I carried out my first-year internship at the 5* Intercontinental Carlton in Cannes, in the Room-Service department.

Do you feel armed to embark on a professional path?

In my first internship, I realized how much Ferrieres prepared us for professional life, which enabled us to handle things well in a real-world context. I am well-armed but I still have a lot to learn before I start my professional path.