Luca Meyer

Luca Meyer


Today we honoring Luca Meyer, a third-year Bachelor IBBA student who is currently completing his end-of-year internship at the AMANJENA Hotel in Marrakech !

«I’m currently doing a 6-month internship in Marrakech at the AMANJENA Hotel, part of the Aman Group. The Aman Group owns numerous hotels, most of which are located in remote areas such as private islands, deserts and mountains, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the kindness and generosity of the Moroccans towards me from the moment I arrived as an expatriate. From my very first days, my new team gave me responsibilities and made me feel fully integrated. Which for me is an essential point in the world of hospitality.

I’ve had the chance to work in both Reception and Guest Relations.

In Reception we take care of check-in, which includes a tour of the hotel and a presentation of the room to each guest. We also do check-outs, plan activities for guests and reserve tables in Marrakech’s best restaurants. On top of this, we prepare each arrival in advance to personalize it.

In Guest Relation we make contact with the customer some time before their stay with us. Our aim, if the customer so desires, is to create a schedule to offer a unique experience.

At the Amanjena, we cater for a very demanding clientele, which means we regularly face challenges. The most difficult is to keep all our customers completely satisfied with their stay. So we face challenges every day.

The skills I’ve developed thanks to Ferrières and that I’m putting into practice during my internship are team spirit and attention to detail. »