My name is Louis-Maxence Dubois, I completed the Ferrières Bachelor and graduated in December 2017. Before joining Ferrières Hospitality & Luxury Management School, I did a Scientific Highschool Diploma at Saint Esprit Highschool (Beauvais) and then a Higher Hospitality Diploma (B option) at Saint-Martin School (Amiens). Today, I work as a Pastry Chef for 3 restaurants: Pistache, Solal and Monkey Club appartement in the Darwin group in Lyon.

Why did you choose Ferrières?

I chose Ferrières because, first and foremost, it was a new school in the hospitality industry, but one that was determined to become a big one. In addition to the spectacular setting of the Château de Ferrières, the courses offered there were completely different from those offered by other schools.

Now that you’re on the job market, how do you think Ferrières benefited you?

Studying at Ferrières opened my eyes not only to the hotel and restaurant business, but also to French know-how in the world of luxury and excellence. Thanks to Ferrières, I’ve been able to meet professionals (MOFs, hotel directors, etc.) with whom I’d probably never have had the chance to talk if I hadn’t studied at Ferrières. Ferrières is a very different kind of school, because it’s professionals who teach the courses, not professors, which means that students can really share their know-how and their passion with others, and get a real, up-to-date view of the hospitality industry.

Would you recommend Ferrières? Why or why not?

I’d recommend Ferrières because it’s a school with a future, that’s evolving a lot, with lots of projects and that listens to its students both during and after their course.