Lisa Lou Blanc

Lisa Lou Blanc


Today we are honoring Lisa Lou BLANC a second-year Bachelor’s student who is currently completing her end-of-year internship at the 5-star Kempinski Hotels in Accra, Ghana !

“I’m currently doing my internship at the 5-star Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

I was lucky enough to take part in a week-long onboarding program with other new employees. During this period, we visited the hotel, met the teams and discovered the values and standards of the establishment.

I’m a restaurant management trainee. I’m working in different catering outlets in the hotel with the managers. One of my missions is to write reports on the different places where I work in order to suggest improvements and innovations that can be implemented.

During this internship I’m given a lot of responsibility, which can sometimes be difficult to manage. It requires more time and patience than I initially imagined. What’s more, Ghana is an English-speaking country in Africa, with different cultures to which you have to adapt to avoid making awkward mistakes with customers or colleagues.

Thanks to Ferrières, I acquired the operational skills needed to work in different catering areas of the hotel. This enabled me to adapt quickly to different environments such as the restaurant, room service, bar and banqueting. As far as events are concerned, Ferrières gave me the opportunity to participate in various types of events with different standards. These experiences now enable me to take on greater responsibility for events organized by the Kempinski. What’s more, it allows me to bring relevant proposals and a different point of view, which are appreciated by the teams.”