Jeanne Foucher

Jeanne Foucher


Today we honoring Jeanne Foucher, a second-year Bachelor’s student who is currently completing her end-of-year internship at Le Méridien Nouméa Resort & Spa in New Caledonia, for the Marriott Group !

« At le Méridien Nouméa Resort & Spa, I hold the position of receptionnist/concierge.

During the day, I welcome guests, check them in and check them out, as well as handling complaints and concierge requests (reservations for activities, transports, restaurants, etc…) I’m also responsible for promoting the Marriott group and reflecting its values.

My integration went really well ! I was introduced to all the staff from day one. Everyone was warm and welcoming which made it much easier for me to fit in with the team.

Thanks to my school, I have acquired numerous skills that are useful to me during my internship. I’m reffering, of course, to the reception courses, but also the sessions on Opera, as it is the PMS we use within the Marriott group. The intercultural management module has also been very helpful in understanding clients and their desires/needs. »