A graduate of a Bachelor’s degree (Class of 2018) and Master of Science (Class of 2020) from Ferrières Hospitality & Luxury Management School, specializing in Gastronomy & Events, Clémence joined the school when it opened and is now a member of the first graduating class! After completing a Technical Highschool diploma in Hospitality and Catering at the François Rabelais Highschool in Dardilly, she began her Ferrières adventure!

Why did you choose Ferrières?

Having had a passion for catering from an early age, I wanted to continue in this sector, which was so close to my heart, after my highschool diploma. As a member of the school’s first batch of students, I came for the challenge the school could offer me: to make this place a renowned school, thanks to this first batch of students, which will make future students want to come to this school and this unique project.

What do you do now?

I’m currently the Catering Manager at Domaine de la Grange aux Ormes in Metz.

Now that you’re on the job market, how do you think Ferrières has helped you?

Ferrières has helped me both personally and professionally. The school allowed me to grow and understand what I really wanted to do and who I wanted to become. The school was a springboard for my career, thanks to the network we were able to acquire, the diversity of our training and the complexity of our internships. I’m very satisfied with the school because I was able to combine the training with my various professional experiences, which gave me real self-confidence and a real place in the job market despite the current difficult situation.

Would you recommend Ferrières?

I would recommend Ferrières for its personalized support, its professionalizing programme, the great opportunities for internships, the companies that support us and the teachers.