Bachelor’s student

3rd-year student in Luxury carrying out her internship as a sales consultant at the luxury House Rabih Keyrouz at Le Bon Marché department store in Paris.

How did you discover Ferrieres School?

I watched an interview with Mr. Khalil Khater on BFM TV before the opening of the school.

What did you do before studying at Ferrieres School?

I took a Baccalaureate in Science, after that I enrolled in a Medical School. I completed the first year, then I decided to shift to hospitality studies.

Why did you choose Ferrieres School?

I was quite impressed by the idea of creating a new school of French Excellence. It’s quite a challenge and I felt very motivated and eager to be part of this adventure.

What was your favorite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree program?

The skills and competence of the teachers, and the openness we gained thanks to the various events, encounters, and opportunities we got to be part of.

With whom was your most meaningful encounter during your time at Ferrieres?

It is hard to think of one specific encounter. We had the chance to meet remarkable people throughout, like « Meilleurs Ouvriers de France » from different areas of expertise, human resource directors representing Parisian palaces, professors from prestigious institutions, and successful entrepreneurs… All are passionate individuals who gave us the incentive to push ourselves and move forward…

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres?

I have a vivid memory of the Fashion Show we organised along with 12 of my classmates during Bachelor 2nd year In the course of 2 months and a half, we managed to bring on board models and fashion designers and set up free of charge culinary partnerships to cater for the full-fledged banquet we created. It was the first fashion show ever organized in the castle. Despite the many hurdles, « Y, le Défilé » proved so successful. The evening was incredible, and the event was a pleasant surprise, for both us and for the school administration.

What are the most important things you remember from your teachers?

Our teachers are not merely instructors; they are professionals active in the hotel, restaurant, and luxury sectors, or in the fields linked or complementary to it. They were very supportive and always keen on sharing their knowledge and providing valuable input. Some of them even assisted us while hunting for jobs and internships, recommending professionals from their network. It is easy at Ferrieres to build genuine ties with the teachers.

Which is your preferred field: Hospitality, Gastronomy, or Luxury?


What, in your opinion, are the qualities that are necessary to succeed in this sector?

Passion, adaptability, and openness.

What is your ultimate goal for your future career?

My aspirations lay in working for a French luxury brand, on the international level, like a marketing or merchandising manager.

Where did you carry out your internship(s)?

I carried out my internship at Le Bristol Paris as a housekeeping supervisor and public area housekeeper.

Do you feel armed to embark on a professional path?

Yes. I sincerely think that one of the main assets of Ferrieres School is the rigor imparted to students. From the outset, we are confronted with hands-on learning and tough real-life situations, in all areas related to hospitality and culinary arts. We were also fortunate to be assigned the responsibility of planning events in the castle.

If you are already hired, in which establishment are you?

None, pursuit in Master.