My name is Chloé Orliaguet, I completed my Double Master’s Degree Skema-Ferrières and graduated in December 2018. When I arrived at Ferrières, I had a Scientific HighSchool Diploma, I had gone to the IUT d’Angers in Marketing Techniques and then to SKEMA Lille for my 3rd year of Bachelor’s and 1st year of Master’s where I went to Brazil and Canada.

Why did you choose Ferrières?

I chose Ferrières because I wanted to do my 2nd year of Master’s in hospitality. I’ve been immersed in this sector since I was a child, and after several experiences in other sectors, I was really keen to get back into it. The world of hospitality is booming and offers many opportunities to well-trained young people. So, it was quite natural for me to apply for a Skema-Ferrières double degree. Ferrières Hospitality & Luxury Management school made sense to me because it had just entered the market of Parisian hospitality schools and advocated excellence à la Française. I wanted to learn alongside the best, and I’ve always been attracted by new schools/new partnerships. It’s enriching to understand what’s at stake in a creation: it forges your critical sense and your ability to adapt.

What do you do now?

I work for the InterContinental Group (IHG). They own brands such as InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Six Senses and Holiday Inn. The head office is based near London. My contract is equivalent to that of a Graduate Programme, called Future Leaders at IHG. I joined the group in September 2018, after my final year internship. The idea is to rotate through new professions and departments at the head office. So, it gives you an overview of the business. At the moment, I’m in the new openings team in Europe, and from next January, I’ll be joining the Voco team, which is a new brand created by IHG, where I’ll mainly be doing marketing.

Now that you’re on the job market, how do you think Ferrières has benefited you?

Ferrières was a significant additional asset. My experience at the IUT and Skema enabled me to acquire general business knowledge, but Ferrières gave me the specific knowledge and strong values that are essential for working in the hotel industry. I owe my experience at IHG to the Ferrières Hospitality & Luxury Management School, which introduced me to the Group during a presentation. The director of the Graduate Programme came to present the programme to us, and I was charmed by the concept and the positions on offer. I also benefited from the reputation of Ferrieres and was able to take part in the Young Hoteliers Summit organized by the École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), bringing together hotel schools from all over the world.

Would you recommend Ferrières?

Yes, I would recommend Ferrières to young people with a passion for the hospitality industry. By hospitality, I don’t just mean working in a hotel, but also working in the kitchen, in revenue management or marketing, working in luxury houses, or even in a technology start-up… hospitality-related professions in general. Hospitality is a complex world, and we need to look beyond the pure hotel. This school has made a name for itself in just a few years and has not been afraid to play in the big leagues quickly. As a young school, it’s important to constantly question yourself and learn from your mistakes. The management knows how to do this, and that’s why they’ll go far.