Bachelor Ferrieres Graduate

What did you do before studying at Ferrieres School?

Before studying at Ferrieres School, I took a Hospitality BTS in Paris. I went on to work in New Zealand for a year, before continuing my travels to places such as French Polynesia and Japan. Following my return to Paris, I spent the first 6 months working on opening the restaurant of the former chef of Le Meurice in Paris before beginning my studies at Ferrieres School.

Why did you choose Ferrieres School?

I chose Ferrieres School for its programs which differed from those available at other schools and its clear desire to become a leading school. The school really struck a chord with me, thanks to both its philosophy about the future, and the consideration it shows to its future students.

What was your favorite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor degree program?

My favourite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree program was the quality of the speakers, their professionalism, and their backgrounds, each of which was more interesting than the last.

With whom was your most meaningful encounter during your time at Ferrieres?

My most meaningful encounter at Ferrieres was with my classmates with whom I shared and learnt so much. We did a lot of team work and this made us a really tight-knit group and taught us to adapt to one another.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres?

My favourite memory from my time at Ferrieres was when the school organised a private visit to the Cartier workshops in Paris. The visit was quite simply magnificent and gave us an insight into a unique world and corporate culture at its best.

Where did you carry out your internship(s)?

I carried out my internship at L’Hôtel du Collectionneur in Paris, assisting the F&B Manager.

Have you already found a job? If so, in which establishment and in what role?

I don’t have a job yet as I am continuing my studies at Ferrieres, taking a dual degree with Grenoble School of Management.

What is your ultimate goal for your future career?

My ultimate goal for my future career is to successfully balance a high-flying job with a relaxed private life.

If you were to recommend Ferrieres to a friend, what would you say?

If I had to recommend Ferrieres to a friend, I would say that it is a school with a bright future ahead, which is constantly evolving, adapting, and which listens attentively to its students.