Gastronomy and Events

How did you discover Ferrieres School?

I found out about Ferrieres while looking for colleges to start my Higher Education, I fell on Ferrieres’ website by chance. I then met Mr. Hofer at an education fair and got to learn more about the program. I was thrilled and found the project utterly fascinating.

What did you do before studying at Ferrieres School?

Before I joined Ferrieres, I took a Baccalaureate in Economics and Social Sciences in my hometown in Normandy.

Why did you choose Ferrieres School?

I took many entrance exams with different universities. This lead to a great deal of hesitation given that the choice was wide but I finally decided to go for what attracted me the most. Getting to be in a castle and to be part of the first group of students ever in the history of Ferrieres was just invaluable.

What was your favorite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree program?

During the first year, we got the chance to meet differents MOFs specializing in a range of disciplines: meat, fish, vegetables, wine. We also took instructive fine dining courses with Mr. Frusetta, which confirmed my interest in my subject area: Gastronomy.

With whom was your most meaningful encounter during your time at Ferrieres?

During my time at Ferrieres, I was fortunate to meet professionals who contributed in widening my horizons. One encounter I recall vividly is the one with Mr. Emmanuel Fournis during my first undergraduate year, on the evening of the tribute to the Académie Nationale de Cuisine. He is a strong character but he is also very knowledgeable and eagerly engaged with us, which is something I truly appreciated. I got the chance to meet him on other occasions during my study at Ferrieres and each time the experience was equally pleasant.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres?

My favorite memory at Ferrieres is actually my entire course at this school. My favorite memory at Ferrieres is actually my entire course at this school. My classmates with whom I shared everything from the beginning and who made things fun and meaningful, my period of study in China, the fashion show we organized in 2nd year, my presidency at the Student Council, the encounters, the lecturers, and most importantly Mr. Frusetta and the support staff who coped with us all along. Ferrieres is not just a school for me, it is a project that I value greatly, and where I intend to pursue my Masters.

Which is your preferred field: Hospitality, Gastronomy, or Luxury?


What, in your opinion, are the qualities that are necessary to succeed in this sector?

Adaptability, confidence, boldness.

What is your ultimate goal for your future career?

I would like to become a Food & Beverage Director in a French palace, but beforehand I intend to build an experience abroad to consolidate my knowledge of the different cultures surrounding France.

Where did you carry out your internship(s)?

I carried out my first-year internship as a Commis at the gastronomic restaurant of Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel in Antibes, it was intense and enriching. My second-year internship was at Château de la Messardière in Saint-Tropez where I spent two months in Housekeeping and two months in Room Service. It made me realise I am « made for » the restaurant sector and not for the hotel one. This year, I will get to carry out my internship as a financial assistant at Grand-Hôtel of Cap-Ferrat.

Do you feel armed to embark on a professional path?

Do I feel armed? I think we never stop learning, and I don’t see myself on the job market at the age of 20, this is why I will pursue my Masters at Ferrieres in order to enhance my management skills and gain more expertise.