Anastasia TESS

Anastasia TESS

Hotel Management student

Studying at Ferrieres has meant having the privilege to learn from rigorous and supportive teachers.

At Ferrieres, I had the privilege to learn from rigorous and supportive teachers and to experience an ever-involving profession. The campus setting is beautiful and rich with history and heritage, which makes the adventure more rewarding. The year has passed by very quickly, given all the activities we had to undertake. Internships are also a great opportunity to discover the profession and to learn to know oneself better, especially through practical experience. Antoine de Saint Exupéry wrote:

‘The greatness of a profession may be, above all, to unite men and women. There’s only one true luxury, and it is human relations.’ What we learn at Ferrieres is that beyond the technical aspect, a true professional should remain humane, empathetic and generous.