Great opportunities are opening up for us, students in the hospitality industry, even if our sector is on a break. I’ve had the opportunity to work in magnificent establishments such as the Evian Resort and Les Près d’Eugénie, where I’ve been able to put into practice the different skills I’ve learned from exceptional teachers. I’m a firm believer in the proverb ” He who tries nothing has nothing “, and Ferrières Hospitality & Luxury Management School was able to get us out of the “box” and surpass ourselves.

I then decided to make a very special request: to write to the President of the French Republic with a proposal to do an internship at the Élysée Palace. Some time later, my request was processed and I found myself in contact with the Intendant of the President of the French Republic, who approved my application! After that, I was also lucky enough to get a permanent contract in a very fine Relais et Château establishment in the restaurant sector, even though I hadn’t even finished my studies.

Boldness is one of the values of our school. We’re taught to take the plunge, to go for it, and that’s how opportunities come our way.