Alexandra SAPY

Alexandra SAPY

International Hospitality

How did you discover Ferrieres School?

I discovered Ferrières School thanks to the Dual Degree offered by Grenoble School of Management.

What were you doing before studying at Ferrieres School?

I was on the Grenoble School of Management Grandes Ecoles Programme and, before that, I took a DUT (University Technology Degree) in Marketing Techniques in Lyon. I spent my first year in Grenoble on the Management Track and the 1st semester of my second year on an exchange in Shanghai. I then began studying at Ferrieres in January 2017.

Why did you choose Ferrieres School?

I had been keen to learn more about the Hospitality and Restaurant sector for several years; the possibility to take a Dual Degree was, therefore, a dream opportunity for me. In addition, the MSc at Ferrieres is a very attractive proposition as it offers a combination of Hospitality, Restaurant, and Luxury management. I also chose Ferrieres School because it is a new school in the sector; it is still in its early stages, we are building the future reputation of the School and will be amongst its first graduates.

What was your favorite part of the Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree program?

I really liked the fact that we had a very close working relationship with the teachers and that they listened closely to our needs. The subjects are also extremely varied, which enables you to have a broad overall vision of the three sectors. Finally, we had the opportunity to visit hotels throughout the year and also during Summer School. Several leading names, such as IHG and Ladurée, also came to the School to present their brand.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Ferrieres?

My favourite memory from Ferrieres is the last day of lessons when we presented our final projects in front of a jury. It is a wonderful memory on the one hand because it was the culminating point of a semester, and of our work on a project in which we firmly believed and, on the other hand, because our class was a tightly-knit unit on that day, enabling us to pass our oral examination with ease.

What are the most important things you remember from your teachers?

Almost all our teachers taught us that in this sector the word “problem” does not exist, only solutions. I also remember that they had all been in a variety of professions (and sometimes in different sectors) before finding their vocation.

Which is your preferred field: Hospitality, Gastronomy, or Luxury?

When I chose the dual curriculum, I was convinced that Hospitality was for me. However, the further we progressed with lessons, the more interesting and dynamic the Restaurant sector seemed. The fact that these two sectors are often closely linked leads me to believe that I will be able to successfully combine the two.

What, in your opinion, are the qualities that are necessary to succeed in this sector?

In my opinion, it is essential to enjoy serving others. You must also be extremely demanding if you want to work in the luxury sector, as small details make all the difference.

What is your ultimate goal for your future career?

My future career is far from being fixed in stone but, in the long term, I would perhaps like to open my own hotel abroad.

Where did you carry out your internship(s)?

I carried out my end of year internship as a Sales Assistant at Paxton Resort & Spa Hotel.

Do you feel well equipped to set out on your career?

When I have completed the MSc at Ferrieres, I believe I will be ready to embark upon my career whether in the Hospitality, Restaurant, or Luxury sector.