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Programme Length

1-13 weeks

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French / English

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Tuition fees

1500 € / Week


  • Discover the professional worlds of hospitality, services and luxury.
  • Learn about these professional cultures through academic, technological and practical courses and real-life experience.
  • Refine your choice of further studies and/or professional career in these areas.
  • Gain initial experience in these highly employable sectors.

Discover the Ferrieres environment through a range of workshops that combine French excellence with the evolving demands of the world of hospitality and food service!

Over 20 subjects are covered through courses, masterclasses, and inspiring workshops. Most of the Summer school courses are delivered in English.


  • The aim of the Summer school programme is to offer students a period where they can learn and develop, technically, behaviourally and professionally.
  • Whether you decide to come for a one-day course or a one-month course, we guarantee you an immersion in the Ferrières environment where we combine French excellence with the evolving demands of the hospitality and restaurant world. More than 20 topics are covered in courses, masterclasses and inspiring workshops


  • Week 1 – Immersion in the world of hospitality and leadership, development of a professional network.
  • Week 2 – Management of hotel operations, development of a professional network.
  • Week 3 – Introduction to the world of wine and gastronomy, development of a professional network. During the various workshops, you will develop fundamental skills in the areas mentioned above, with a particular emphasis on French excellence.
  • Week 4 – Introduction to entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Weeks 5 to 7 – P.A.P. (Professionalization Acceleration Program)
  • Weeks 8 to 13 – Optional contracted internship
  • Language: The main language is English, masterclasses and conferences in French will be translated by an interpreter
  • You may choose additional options for a supplementary fee: 4* Accommodation, Full Board, Transport, Site visits, Restaurant tastings & entertainment.


The Ferrières Training Experience combines 3 main teaching methods:

  • PROFESSIONALISING EDUCATION, which allows students to acquire technological, scientific and technical knowledge taught during the course to reach a given level of expertise through interactive courses.
  • APPLIED EDUCATION (work-study programmes) which allows students to put the knowledge they’ve acquired into practice and to understand the professional challenges facing companies in the hospitality sector. This approach also contributes to personal development both in terms of maturity and in terms of professional orientation (fields of specialisation, companies, professions, geographical regions, etc.).
  • INDUCTIVE TEACHING through participation in regular and one-time events (trade fairs, networking events, masterclasses, competitions, visits, internships, etc.).


Each course is assessed both by Continuous Assessment (CA) and by a Final Examination (FE). All the assessments for each course lead to a CA mark which counts for 60% and an FE mark which counts for 40%.

  • Continuous assessment work varies depending on the course, examples include: participation scores, multiple choice quizzes, individual or group presentations, etc.
  • Final exams: practical tests in a professional environment


Admission to the Summer School programme (Hospitality, Leadership, Food & Wine Management) is open to students and professionals of all nationalities.

Applicants must have an IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL score of between 7650 and 700 or equivalent.


  • Applicants must be 18 years or older
  • Applicants must be citizens of an EU country or hold a valid residence permit which allows them to study in France
  • For applicants outside of the double-degree programs:
    A level of French equivalent to the DELF B1 is necessary to follow the courses given in French. Any student who, at the time of registration, does not have a B1 level must provide proof of their commitment to improve their level (registration for private lessons, online lessons, or an intensive FLE programme). Upon payment of the deposit, access to the Rosetta Stone language learning platform will be provided free of charge by Ferrières. If, upon arrival at Ferrières, the student’s level is still insufficient, they will be required to register for FLE courses through the organisation of their choice.

Processing your application

First evaluation: Examination of the application (25% of the final evaluation)
The application file is submitted on the student portal accessible from the Ferrières School website.

The evaluation criteria for the application are as follows:

Professional potential: evaluation of previous experience
⁎ Academic background;
⁎ Language level;
⁎ Quality of previous professional experience;
⁎ Recommendations from employers or trainers;
⁎ Professional goals for the future presented in the letter or video stating the student’s motivations.

Personal Potential :
⁎ Involvement in extracurricular activities;
⁎ Candidate’s personal goals and activities;
⁎ Trips abroad, participation in cultural, volunteer, and professional events, etc… ;

Second assessment: Interview exploring the student’s motivations. (75% of the final assessment)
This oral exchange consists of a remote or in-person interview which serves to evaluate the candidate’s motivation and potential as well as their commitment to the Ferrières values. It takes place in the form of an exchange between the jury and the candidate. The candidate will be asked informal questions so that the jury may get to know them better and to give them the opportunity to describe their experience and expectations (previous work experience, projects undertaken, trips abroad, personal journey to defining career goals, etc.).

The results are communicated by e-mail to the candidates two weeks after the interview at the latest.

In the absence of enrolment within the allotted time specified in the notification of admission, the candidate switches to the complementary list and his registration at Ferrières will depend on his admission rank and the number of places available.

Tuition fees

  • 400 € / day
  • 1500 € / week
  • 3500 € / 4 weeks
  • If you choose the full program or the modules of weeks 3 and 4, an additional 500€ fee for equipment and uniform will be applied.
  • Contact us to start designing your personalized program and to learn more about internship opportunities.
  • For GEM students, it is possible to participate in a 13-week program: 4 weeks of classes, 3 weeks of the P.A.P. (Programme Accélérateur de Professionnalisation) and a 6-week internship.

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