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Choosing to study at Ferrières, is launching a professional career in a sector in constant growth which provides countless job opportunities around the globe. Located 25 km east of Paris, equidistant from the airports of Orly and Roissy, My Ferrières Campus is easily accessible by public transportation:

The Château and facilities

• 2 000 m² of classrooms and rooms dedicated
to student life
• 2 000m² of kitchens and educational labs
• 500 m² of cellars and wine tasting rooms
• 1 educational restaurant
• 1 educational hotel zone (Two 5 star standard rooms
and a reception)
• 1 student cafeteria
• 4 500 m² reception areas
• 1 vineyard including 2 000 plants


A student residence will be available close to the castle from June 2018. From now until its scheduled completion at the beginning of the 2018 academic year, students accommodation is facilitated by the provision of several search tools.


The Campus cafeteria as well as a coffee counter with take away, are open to students from Monday to Friday. Run by a dietician, the restaurants offer a range of quality snacks and meals.

Student activities at Ferrieres School


Open House

Graduation Ceremony

Career Day

Planting vines

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Our BDE deals with student life inside the school but organizes also events, visits, activities outside the school.

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