Ferrières, Hospitality and Luxury Management School, is committed to sustainable development. Our sustainability objectives are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

Ferrières is committed to working with all its stakeholders to build a CSR policy that benefit its students and employees. This initiative is aligned with the process of building a better and more sustainable school.

The year 2023 marks the birth of the Ferrières CSR Charter. For this 1st year, we have decided to select 4 Goals and commit to them, in order to fulfill our sustainability objectives.

  • Access to quality education (4th Goal)
  • Health and well-being (3rd Goal)
  • Reducing inequalities (10th Goal)
  • Measures to address climate change (13th Goal)

The CSR Charter provides a framework for our responsibility scheme, in terms of managing ethics, integrity and compliance with the law, as well as our social, societal and environmental responsibilities.






  • Train the efficient players who will be leading the civil and economic society of tomorrow
  • Develop curricula based on positive education
  • Uphold our core values of Audacity, Innovation, Humility, Hard Work and Openness


Ensuring the well-being of our students

  • 2023: Organise several student wellness days, the “Well-Being Project”, during the year.
  • 2023: Offer personalised coaching for 1st-yearstudents from the start of the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • 2023: Plan individual follow-up “quality time” sessions with the coordinator in charge of each cohort, several times a year.
  • 2024: Schedule two student seminars on citizenship and on preventing and combating harassment.

Cultivating benevolence, tolerance and inclusion

  • 2023: Be able to welcome people with disabilities.
  • 2023: Comply with PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) accessibility regulations. Accessible elevators serve the classroom floors, and parking spaces are reserved for disabled people.
  • 2023: Ensure the integration of PRMs and offer them appropriate support in accessing training, acquiring skills and succeeding in their career plans, under the guidance of a coordinator.
  • 2023: Be supported by local partners: AGEFIPH, CAP EMPLOI 77, MDPH Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées, Fédération APAJH – APAJH Formation.

Reducing inequalities and ensuring equal opportunities

  • 2023: G.A Financement will provide students with a guaranteed solution for financing their education under the best possible terms, as well as personalized support for every problem.
  • 2023: Grant scholarships and bursaries based on merit through the Endowment Fund.
  • 2023: Offer a few students the opportunity to get an employment contract in one of the Ferrières ecosystem’s business units, on a work & study basis, while pursuing their studies.
  • 2023: Regular opportunities for students in the form of short-term assignments in the hotel and food service industry, provided by the heads of our departments
  • 2023: Introduce a system of offers and discounts for our students in all our entity services.

Promoting diversity and international cultures

  • 2023: Enroll more than 30 % international students.
  • 2023: Foster the development of international partnerships.
  • 2023: Promote overseas programs and international mobility through study abroad offerings and internships around the world, 100% English courses from the 1st year and Master’s courses exclusively in English.

Provide support to students and guide them toward employability

  • 2023: Establish business partnerships with the most prestigious brands in the Hotel, Gastronomy and Luxury sectors (over 30 professional partners today).
  • 2023: Organise the annual Career Summit:  where the biggest brands in the Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury sectors meet their potential future talents, and give all future graduates the opportunity to learn about the job market through brand presentations, lectures on the hospitality industry trends and recruitment interviews.
  • 2023: Enhance students’ employability through a unique Programme for accelerated professionalization at Ferrières, aimed at immersing students in the school’s operational entities, in contact with industry professionals and demanding customers.
  • 2023: Organise innovative and challenging activities, several times a year, to test students’ critical thinking, analytical skills and professionalism, in partnership with leading luxury brands, pushing them to address specific issues and cases.


Teaching sustainable practices to our students through apprenticeships

  • 2023: Design each program and training course to include modules dedicated to sustainability and innovation.
  • 2023: Raise teachers’ awareness of sustainability issues so that they can fully integrate them into their teaching.
  • 2023: Set up eco-delegates to build a connection between the students and the school for the implementation of the green initiatives.
  • 2023: Include new eating habits (vegetarian/vegan) in our training courses, as well as aspects of nutrition and “wellness” menus (calorie and macronutrient balance).
  • 2023: Integrate meticulous management of food items by our Chefs, as part of our cooking methods, in the classroom and in our restaurants.
  • 2023: Include a sustainable development component in every student project.
  • 2023: Introduce at least 3 CSR and/or green business lectures during the year.
  • 2024: Create an association for the environment.

Developing a responsible framework and practices within the ecosystem

  • 2023: Promote “home-made” and 100% fresh produce in our restaurants.
  • 2023 : Limit food waste through the careful calculation and management of food quantities and just-in-time production management by our Chefs.
  • 2023: Design seasonal menus
  • 2023: Give priority to farm-to-table, local and French produce, and use the Ferrières ecosystem’s products to design offers and menus. Wines from Château la Dorgonne or breads, pastries and desserts from Madeleine by Ferrières are on our restaurant menus and are part of our events’ catering offerings.
  • 2023: Include a vegetarian menu in each of our restaurants.
  • 2023: Respect biodiversity within our group and the 60-hectare park surrounding the Château de Ferrières.
  • 2024: Introduce solar panels on campus.
  • 2024: Aim to eliminate the use of paper on our campus.
  • 2024: Transportation: Increase awareness among students about the use of bicycles and electric cars on campus.
  • 2024: Implement waste sorting and install the corresponding signs and sorting areas: glass, plastic, cardboard and compost are sorted into corresponding colored bins and stored in dedicated areas.
  • 2025: Protect natural resources by installing water recovery systems.
  • 2025: Introduce green standards in the construction of the new campus.

Obtaining certifications through sustainable development labels

  • 2023: Certification of our organic wines and olive oils (Domaine Château La Dorgonne).
  • 2025: Obtain the DD&RS label.

Selecting suppliers with care

  • 2023: Choose our suppliers on the basis of common environmental and social values (eco-label, reduced ecological footprint, waste management, respect of employees and of standards, etc.).
  • 2023: Choose suppliers who respect the environment and animal welfare: all our animal products, our fresh eggs and egg products are labeled and respect animal welfare. Our fresh eggs are organic.
  • 2023: Favoring farm-to-table principle with local suppliers,  

Contributing to innovative research benefiting the environmental cause

  • 2023: Increase research into sustainable development issues.
  • 2025: Increase by 10% the academic articles on CSR produced by our research faculty, as compared to 2024