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Programme Length

6 months

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French / English

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Tuition fees

9 500 €


The Reception course awards the student the instructional tools needed to become proficient in booking and welcoming guests in a hotel environment and to be able to attend to their smallest needs and desires, ensuring the utmost level of comfort and wellbeing.


  • Perform the appropriate gestures and develop behavioral skills (skill set, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills)
  • Define the roles and positions within the reception area 
  • Differentiate between various guest segments, products and adapted price ranges
  • Comply with the established organization and shifts in the different reception positions
  • Promote the hotel offerings as per the specific expectations of international guests
  • Use digital tools to better prepare the arrival of guests
  • Process and inform upper management about the guest’s stay
  • Develop professional credibility and efficiency (professional hospitality culture, professional practices of excellence, professional visits, PAP Diversified ecosystem, operational internship).
  • Make sure facilities, furniture and equipment are duly maintained
  • Provide the department with material and products

Pedagogic method:

  • Learn
  • Understand
  • Practice
  • Assess
  • Control

Admissions Requirements

This certificate course is open to 18-year-old applicants and above wishing to further their experience and expand their skill set, or those shifting to another area of expertise and who do not have a standard academic background. If you wish to apply for this programme, kindly create an online profile, upload your CV, cover letter, and a copy of your ID card. An interview with our academic board will be scheduled after we process your file.

Cost: 9500 euros + fees related to certification options in French and English.

Career prospects

Receptionist in a luxury hotel.

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