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Programme Length

3 months

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French / English

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Tuition fees

6 000 €


The apprentice of this course broadens his theoretical knowledge and practical skills in pastry and baking. He instructs the foundational techniques of bread making and both the standard and modern viennoiserie methods, along with the channels leading to its production, while learning to be autonomous. 


  • Make and bake the different types of bread (classic bread, restaurant bread, buffet bread, special bread)
  • Make and bake various pastries (croissants, pains au chocolat, puff pastries, buffet creations, creative and decorated pastries, boutique bakery versus restaurant bakery, etc.)
  • Master the preliminary preparations (Kneading, fermenting, leavening, folding, rolling out, molding)
  • Identify international cultures according to bread production
  • Understand the social impact of bread consumption
  • Identify equipment and learn how to use it
  • Categorize foods and additives
  • Identify the quality criteria in food items
  • Select the products best suited for a given production
  • Understand the cereal-flour-bread supply chain
  • Develop professional credibility and efficiency (professional gastronomic culture, good practice of service excellence, field visits).
  • Organize the various storage and production premises (design of the premises, main ergonomic standards, food handling and food storage methods, various circuits)
  • Respect health and safety standards (identify good hygiene practices guaranteeing the safety of employees and customers, know how to interpret and apply the main regulations in daily practice, maintain professional spaces through cleaning and disinfection operations)

Pedagogic Method:

  • Learn
  • Understand
  • Practice
  • Assess
  • Control
  • Doughs (shortcrust pastry, sweet dough)
  • Creams (buttercream, Crème Anglaise, pastry cream…)
  • Puff pastry (inverted puff pastry, traditional)
  • Choux pastry (Eclair, Religieuse, Saint Honoré, Paris Brest, petits fours)
  • Modern tarts (Chocolate, Meringue curd tart, fruit tart)
Viennoiserie course
  • Croissant, Chocolate croissant, Kouglof, Brioche, puff pastry brioche
Bread making course
  • Classic baguette, Traditional baguette, Country bread, Whole wheat bread, Pain Brié, Sourdough bread, Rye bread, Spelt bread, Whole grain bread; Ciabatta

Admissions Requirements

This certificate course is open to 18-year-old applicants and above wishing to further their experience and expand their skill set, or those shifting to another area of expertise and who do not have a standard academic background. If you wish to apply for this programme, kindly create an online profile, upload your CV, cover letter, and a copy of your ID card. An interview with our academic board will be scheduled after we process your file.

Cost: 6000 euros*

Admission fees, knife kit, and uniforms included.

Career prospects

Possibility of integrating a baking team

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