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The Floor training Housekeeping program will allow you to develop your theoretical and practical knowledge You will learn how to restore the client’s room to perfect condition with rigor and efficiency, you will work in collaboration with all the departments. The goal is to make the customer feel at home when they enter their room.


  • Master professional techniques and attitudes (knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills)
  • Define functions and positions within the floors department
  • Develop daily work schedules according to activity forecasts
  • Master the different preparation procedures of the chamber and the bed
  • Organize the cleaning of the chamber to help with procedures
  • Elaborate cleaning procedures of the bathroom and proper use of cleaning products
  • Organize and manage a “special reception” for a VIP in the room
  • Autocontrol and organize the control of the work of others
  • Manage special requests (packaging, repassage …)
  • Develop its professional credibility and efficiency (professional culture of the hospital, professional practices of excellence, professional visits, PAP Diversified Ecosystem, operational internship).
  • Organize and maintain professional spaces
  • Work ergonomically and respect the basic anatomy

Pédagogic méthod:

  • Learn
  • Understand
  • Practice
  • Assess
  • Control

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