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Through Social Aid Grants and Excellence Grants, the Accelis Group wishes to offer as many people as possible access to higher education, by offering innovative solutions allowing French and international students to finance their studies in the best conditions.

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Just like every year since 2015, the international event “Goût de France/ Good France” brings together the students benefiting from the Endowment Fund of Accelis Group, during a Gala Evening at the Castle of Ferrieres in the presence of donors.

Goût de France/Good France, A beacon of French gastronomy celebration in France and around the world, has become over the years a major gastronomic event. Goût de France/Good France will, once again, showcase France as an international gastronomic hub, and promote its products internationally as symbols of the French culinary heritage, through the lens of a pivotal touristic event.

Once again this year, a French dinner will be served in embassies and consulates of over 150 countries, and in several thousand restaurants around the world. In order to consolidate its commitment to a global mobilization in favor of the environment, Goût de France/ Good France 2020 will once again place responsible gastronomy at the heart of this new edition. It is the Chef Patrick Juhel, Executive Chef of Ferrieres and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and the Executive Pastry Chef Chef Desty Brami who will oversee this dinner and serve 200 lucky guests in the grand salon of Ferrieres castle.

A word from the President of the Endowment Fund

Offering the wider public the possibility of studying under the best conditions, within the schools of the Accelis Group and everywhere around the world, such is the purpose of our endowment fund. We are convinced that education is a fundamental right that leads to personal progression and development. This conviction fuels our actions and our mission and aims to ensure access to education for all.


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