Each year, more than one hundred speakers take turns in giving guidance to our students and help them reach new heights, in accordance with their respective aspirations.

Our faculty members’ backgrounds are diverse, they are able to empower students and adjust to their various profiles, assess their progression and accompany the evolution of Ferrière’s coursework.

  • Professors, teachers, and trainers who are associated with the most renowned French and international institutions:
  • Certified and/or tenured professors for smooth integration into higher education in the first year.
  • Seasoned and recognized professionals lecturing for various courses (Meilleur Ouvriers de France, business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, consultants …)
  • Recognized Ph.D. holders and experts involved in the MSc program.
  • The Faculty Members at Ferrières are composed of teachers experienced in their chosen fields, and of operational mentors involved in the hands-on sessions, and whose mission is to bridge between the academic education and the corporate world. Additionally, the Faculty encompasses development coaches and academic advisers.
  • Operational mentors: Oversee day-to-day operations and supervise students during their PAP hands-on sessions.

Operational Mentors

Oversee day-to-day operations and supervise students during their PAP hands-on sessions.

Laura Nebot

General Manager, Paxton Hotel - Barcelona

Desty Brami

Executive Pastry Chef

Marc-Antoine Minard

Restaurant Manager of the Bistro-Gourmet restaurant
"Le Chai"

Yannick Quemin

Head Chef of the Gastronomic restaurant "Le Baron"

Julien Franceschetti

Restaurant Manager of the Gastronomic restaurant
"Le Baron"

Development Coaches

Help students progress, according to their areas of study and oversee Ateliers Ferrieres.

Uta Voelckel

Housekeeping professions Referent

Sergio Carreira

Table arts, Service and Sommelier professions Referent

Emmanuel Lecanu

Pastry Chef Instructor

Pascal Rahbé

Front Office professions Referent

Sothaï Seng

MSc programmes Lead - Leadership, Coaching and Personal Development Referent

Academic Advisers

Specialty teachers who participate in updating the academic course details.

Carole Frusetta

Sales & Marketing

Valérie Delage

Culture and languages
Partnerships & Employability Manager

Sandra Sellam

Human Resources

Serge Chamelian

Revenue Management

Jean-Luc Hauss


Pascal Bichon

Finance & Asset Management

Eric Bidault

International Development Strategies

Sébastien Sclafer

Management & Finance

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