Programme Length
Programme Length

18 months



Tuition fees
Tuition fees

€ 19 500

Career Path
Career Path

100% employability

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  • Bac +5
  • Double degree possible with EBS Paris
  • 18 months

A unique Approach

The International Leadership & Innovation offers a unique pedagogical approach, based on new learning theories combining essential human and technical skills.

Knowledge is transmitted through the management of real projects addressing real business challenges.


  • The International Leadership & Innovation offers a unique expertise developed through human, managerial, and technical skills, essential to succeed in today’s “VUCA” (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) environment, as well as the adaptability to change, required by tomorrow’s challenges. The focus is on the innovation and development of products, services, and customer experience.
  • The International Leadership & Innovation contributes to personal development by imparting the skills needed to manage human resources, finances, and complex projects.
  • The International Leadership & Innovation allows students to develop a strategic vision of markets and their evolution to reach a certified level of expertise in managing entrepreneurial projects, profit centres, and teams combining innovative management and leadership practices.
  • Manage yourself and others as a positive leader and coach.
  • Master the sectors and the roles within your chosen sector and anticipate consumer behaviour and its impact on the evolution of the company.
  • Focus on the service approach, service delivery, quality, and innovation.
  • Apply managerial, financial and marketing knowledge to projects in these areas. Focus on data analysis, electronic distribution, and revenue management strategies.
  • Apply sustainable management and quality techniques (continuous improvement).
  • Anticipate future challenges that these sectors may face.
  • Manage complex projects and business development.

Educational Methods

In addition to essential academic courses, the Ferrières Positive Education Approach. Incorporates learning through hands-on business projects as well as evidence-based positive psychology interventions (Ferrières Students Wellbeing Project). Conferences, seminars, and workshops will allow you to deepen your self-awareness, identify your values and strengths, and develop your unique positive leadership and management style. One of the goals of the program is to cultivate the ability to efficiently manage time, stress, and priorities in your professional and personal life.

In collaboration with partner companies, you will have the opportunity to engage with the industry, explore new expertise, and enrich your profile.

  1. Most courses are in a workshop format.
  2. Your study facilitators are active professionals or academics.
  3. If needed, you will benefit from bridging courses in culinary fundamentals, food & beverage management, hospitality management, luxury services management, and finance in hospitality.
  4. Your professionalisation is at the heart of the Ferrieres MSc with weekly meetings, masterclasses, debates, and outings offered.
  5. The coursework takes place over four weekdays, leaving time for a part-time job.

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Student Life

Coordinated by the Student Office (BDE), Ferrieres encourages the development of community life, a key factor in the development of its students on the Campus.

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The Ferrières campus offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with “Excellence" thanks to several restaurants, catering and a 4 * hotel.

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