Why Hospitality is a smart career choice?

Feb 22, 2021 -

A career in hospitality has exciting job prospects!

Choosing a career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry today is betting on a leading and growing industry worldwide.

A wide range of professional opportunities and exciting challenges await you, with jobs that offer work experiences overseas.

What defines the hospitality industry…?

Despite its many features and diversified disciplines, the industry does have two main defining features. One is its reliance on leisure and luxury activities and service, making it vulnerable during times when the economy is struggling. The other is its chief focus: customer satisfaction.

What are the different careers in the hospitality industry…?

There are a variety of different hospitality careers, covering different parts of the hospitality industry: Food & Beverage Positions, Dining Room service, Bartender, Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Manager and staff, Hotel manager and staff, Marketing manager & sales, Accounting manager and purchase manager and staff, and many other opportunities!

Should you study hospitality in 2021…?

Yes, and for many reasons.

The challenges of 2020 year and this year have put the industry on a pause, but at the same time have given it a unique opportunity to stop and reflect on itself.

As a student studying hospitality, you will be a part of the industry transformation!


Students enrolled in the Hospitality Management undergraduate programme take a number of courses that focus on a variety of industries.

Take Ferrieres for instance, we believe that success starts with an intense academic programme involving a blend of theoretical courses, work projects, applied projects in Bachelor, IBBA, MSc courses and specific personal development exercises that can help learners explore new expertise and expand their knowledge.

Each of these classes exposes students to varying industry aspects that will be useful in their future careers in hospitality management and even in other careers.

The support Ferrieres students get in finding a suitable internship position and the guidance and mentoring they benefit from during their internship period is aimed at providing the best possible preparation for their career, initiating them to managerial positions, strengthening their agile and adaptable skills and their ability to handle crisis and conflicts within their teams, while teaching them the values of humility and mindfulness.

Working in the hospitality industry brings many advantages and earns students’ various ethics and principles applicable in real life. In Hospitality, no day is like any other and you have a lot to do with people from all over the world. It offers overseas opportunities and allows you to gain interpersonal skills and especially to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

In short, the hotel industry is an interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. As any other job, it has its ups and downs, and that’s the great part, there is always place for innovation and there will always be innovators.

To find out more about the various career options in hospitality, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to examine the best options for you and schedule a private appointment.