Testimonial of a former pastry student of Ferrieres. Inès Lamouri, a success story

Dec 21, 2020 -

This year has hit us like a wrecking ball!

With lockdowns, worldwide insecurities, economic crises,

we at Ferrieres are happy to still have people with the courage to embark on the long, hard but fulfilling journey of opening a new small business.

Inès Lamouri, alumni of Ferrieres, is one of those people. She shared with us her time at Ferrieres and discussed the opening of her new pastry shop.

Can you present yourself in a few words?

My name is Ines, and I am French. I am an architect and a passionate pastry chef. My work evolves around volumes, colors, compositions, and proportions, my love for art and architecture matches perfectly with pastry. In 2018, my determination enabled me to win the title of Young Pastry Chef at the “Etoiles de Mougins” competition. I attended a 7 months pastry workshop at Ferrieres and now, I own “Haute Patisserie” in Paris, a dream that came true!

How did Ferrieres play a role in your business creation?

Ferrieres played a very significant role in my career. They gave me, back in 2018, the opportunity to participate in their ateliers Ferrieres training course and complete the Pastry programme. These 7 months spent at Ferrieres’ school and the castle have given me the chance to develop an understanding of the pastry industry and an entrepreneurial mindset and develop my entrepreneurial mindset around it, in addition to the huge experience I gained in working with their very high professional chefs and instructors.

What impact did the Ferrieres’ Chefs leave on you?

Having a good instructor who can share a good relationship with their students is a blessing.

The Chef Instructor of the Pastry program at Ecole Ferrieres, Emmanuel Lecanu, and the Executive Pastry Chef of the Chateau du Ferrieres, Desty Brami, were always by my side, giving me all the guidance and support I needed all the time.

Those two amazing chefs, one who taught me courses on the campus, and the other one who supervised my practical training at the castle’s restaurants enriched my path greatly and made me the person I am today. They taught me so much and guided me during the program.

Thanking them will never be enough!

Can you tell us more about your pastry shop, Haute Patisserie?


Based in Paris, at 160 avenues Ledru Rollin 75011 to be exact, Haute Patisserie is a pastry shop I set up with love and passion.

Our pastries are French dessert recipes and are made with quality products. My mission is to revisit these desserts using modern and creative design, without using sugar paste but while preserving the taste and the richness of flavors.

How did it all start and how long has your business been around?

After many years of practicing architecture in New York and London, I felt that I am ready to start focusing all my energy and creativity on my passion. And that’s how it started.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the past few months?

My biggest challenge was developing my new business while coping with the current crisis. But then again, I am taking this time as an opportunity to work hard and try to change a bit in our work strategy and build our e-shop.

What advice would you give to the new Ferrieres students?

Go for it, even if it scares you! Be patient, don’t quit, and keep doing what you love!

“Work hard, have fun, make history. ~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder”