Future focus: why choose Ecole Ferrieres?

Dec 1, 2020 -

To be successful in a fast-moving industry like hospitality means to never stand still. Today’s guest demands are tomorrow’s history, so fast evolving enterprises are the ones that constantly peer over the horizon.

“We start knowing from the trends today that people are ever-changing and in search of new experiences” – Executive Committee of Ferrieres – France

So, for every newly graduated student who seeks to enter the hospitality’s future world here’s our advice to you: every action has an impact, so choose wisely the impact you want to have!

Through deep relationships with its hundreds of students, Ecole Ferrieres is uniquely positioned to take the pulse of the global hospitality management market. It’s one of the schools that we can trust in preparing its students to be a very brilliant manager of tomorrow.

Why Ferrieres?

  1. Power of uniqueness: While many think it’s important to fit in with “the crowd”, it’s not as great as it may seem. For Ferrieres’ management, following their own unique culture in a very different way remain basic. No cheapness, no routine, and most importantly no imitations!

    How unique?
    • Ferrieres offers its students an ecosystem with an unmatched practical experience by providing them access to many restaurants, reception areas, banqueting, guest relation, sales and marketing, and two 4* hotels (Paris & Barcelona).
    • The students of Ferrieres have the chance to experience the famous Ferrierescastle built from 1855 to 1859 by Napoleon III and not to be studying in a normal campus building.
    • Ferrieres is taking higher education to a whole new level, with its own methodology. It provides students with a unique educational experience. It’s the first Hospitality Management school to develop its courses through positive education, luxury codes, a philosophy that positions the development of the personality and the overall well-being «Savoir être» of students at the same level as academic learning. Above all, it provides the keys to future success.
    • Ferrieres offers a range of programs that meet students’ aspirations and meet the needs of the industry. What distinguishes these programs is that they are not only based on application information but also include many values: daring and innovation, humility, work, and the opening to cultures.
  2. Real-World Experience: Ferrieres receives about 300, 000 customers per year. This provides opportunities for Ferrieres students that will help them grow faster and close the skill gap between real-life work and education. Students who have completed a formal work experience component benefit from a supportive partnership between the educational institution, the employer, and themselves.
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit: Being an entrepreneur is not only a calling, but it is also a lifestyle. Ferrieres believes that to succeed in business, it’s necessary to have qualifications and degrees in that subject, yet a passion, dedication, and innovation will get you just as far, or even further. So, in Ferrieres you will know how to take responsibilities, be an innovative thinker, and Have the courage to take risks.
  4. Your future: Ferrieres is always on the lack of new ways to train the next generation of students. They support them through coaching, master classes, conferences, and teach them how to confront and adapt themselves for the real-life job experience. Recruiters will be searching for clever, witty, and forward thinkers’ applicants. Ferrieres’ graduate will be ready for that.

Are you hospitality passionate about leading people wisely? Are you hospitality passionate about leading people in a time of crisis? Are you hospitality passionate about the hospitality sector? Are you hospitality passionate about the luxury hotel sector?

If your answer is Yes, let’s change the future together!