Ferrieres Programs are evolving as the 2023 school year starts! 

Oct 11, 2022 -

Krumma Jonsdottir, General Manager of the Ferrières School, explains how the programs are changing for the upcoming school year.   

KJ: Yesterday, we needed workers and managers. Today we need committed employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Tomorrow, we need intrapreneurs, experience designers, and leader coaches.    

Our programs consider the requirements of a constantly evolving market and are revised every year. This time the evolution is in the clarification of the pathway from the first to the last year, thus allowing each candidate to project himself for the years of study as well as the opportunities once graduated.   

Then, each student can adapt their career path to their professional project, which evolves over the course of the years of study, thanks to the bridges between the programs.   

Our graduates leave equipped with the academic knowledge and technical and behavioral skills appropriate to the market AND to the management of their own careers and lives.   

Here are the programs offered for the start of the 2023 academic year:  

  • “PGE” Grande Ecole program, in a double degree with EBS Paris: “Sustainable International Hospitality and Luxury Leadership   
  • “MSc” International Hospitality Leadership and Sustainable Development   
  • “IBBA” International Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Luxury Industries   
  • Bachelor Essentia   
  • “BA” Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality   
  • “Ferrieres Workshops” 
  • “Ferrieres Forever”: continuing education for Ferrieres alumni and organizations employing alumni. 

Launch of the Grande École Program  

In collaboration with EBS Paris, recently integrated into GA Education, Ferrieres is launching the PGE “Parcours Grande École” in “Sustainable International Hospitality and Luxury Leadership”**.   

The PGE is designed for those who wish to pursue an international career as general manager of an establishment, a profit center, a department in a head office, a network of companies, or as a creator of their own brands. 

The curriculum is 100% in English and over the course of 5 years, the student prepares for a master’s degree, a title registered in the National Directory of Professional Certification at level 7 by EBS Paris.    

After two years of “Prépa Business”, the student spends a full year abroad, half of which is spent on our campus in Barcelona. On their return, they will concentrate on one of the following specializations, still in English:   

  • Sustainable Service Management & Innovation  
  • Climate, Quality; People and Social Responsibility     
  • International Business Development (Value creating Finance & Entrepreneurship)     
  • Responsible Asset Management, Audit & Consulting    

Finally, to increase their employability, students will have the opportunity to do their 4th and 5th year in a work-study program.   

The Bachelor of Arts  

This is not the only evolution.   

While the current Ferrieres Bachelor’s degree is evolving towards an IBBA or International Bachelor of Business Administration prepared in 4 years and still registered with the RNCP this time at level 6***, we are launching a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management in 3 years, thus meeting all aspirations.   

The young individual who is heading towards professional expertise; concierge, accommodation manager, chef, sommelier, room manager, or general housekeeper, to mention only a few, will initially choose the BA – Bachelor of Arts. They can obviously further their studies in MSc at Ferrieres or even choose the double degree “Master Conférence des Grandes Ecole” with our partner Grenoble Ecole de Management or a double MSc with Skema Business School.   

Here, practical experience is privileged thanks to a first year of “business preparation” followed by a semester in Barcelona and, as a novelty, the possibility of pursuing a work-study program starting in January of the second year. The professionalization is maximal, and the cost of the training is strongly optimized.   

We also respond to the demand of our professional partners who really want to participate in the training of their future collaborators by having them in the field as employees and not only as trainees.   

Between PGE and BA: the IBBA program  

Then there is the individual who is halfway between these two programs: between leadership and operations. They know that they want to master business, gain experience in these fields, and then move on to something else, whether it be marketing, retail management, general management, sales, restaurant creation, finance, or other, on a single site or in corporate mode.   

The student will be oriented toward the IBBA and will prepare in 4 years, one of which will be spent abroad and the other in a work-study program, the RNCP level 6 diploma ‘International Bachelor of Business Administration*** in Hospitality and Luxury Industries.**    

The specializations in the 4th IBBA year are:  

  • DIGITAL MARKETING, “HOTEL & INNOVATION” in double degree with Ecole 89   

Until the middle of the third year, there is a gateway to the Grande Ecole program. Once the IBBA is obtained, it is also possible to continue to MSc 2.   

The MSc International Hospitality Leadership and Sustainable Development   

Our MSc International Hospitality Leadership and Sustainable Development is now offered on 1 to 3 campuses or online depending on the student’s choice, with the possibility of a double degree with Skema Business School.   

The Essentia Bachelor  

The Essentia Bachelor’s degree is a unique program in the world of training for service and retail professions. Graduates of BAC+2 in sectors other than hospitality, gastronomy, and luxury could reorient themselves thanks to intense training and to access otherwise unattainable careers. 12 months of training, 70% of which is practical, allows them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and professional foundations to establish their legitimacy and employability in our sectors.   

Ferrieres Forever  

Ferrieres Forever is a program that allows all Ferrieres Alumni to choose free courses from our PGE and MSc catalog or continuing education modules or coaching. Organizations that employ a Ferrieres graduate also have preferential conditions for all their employees.   

What is the future of the Ferrieres Workshops?  

The Ferrieres Workshops have an important place in our growth. Depending on the student’s professional project, they can join the Parcours d’Excellence in Cuisine or in Pastry or our CCA / PCA Cuisine Work-Study Course / Pastry Work-Study Course.