Ferrières Campus students are doing well despite the crisis

Jun 30, 2021 -

Ferrières Campus students are doing well despite the crisis

The latest study carried out between April and June 2021 proves that our actions with our teams and students are effective and we are delighted to note that contrary to what we hear in the media about young people, the vast majority of our students are doing well or even very well.

More than half of respondents (56%) say that they experienced the pandemic period well to very well and even 2 out of 10 say that they experienced it very well.

To the question “if you had answered this questionnaire just before the Covid-19 crisis, how would you have evaluated your general well-being? “40% answered that they would have given a lower grade before the crisis, 30% the same grade and 30% said they were better before.

In other words, more than a third of students feel that they are better off today than before the crisis.

How do we explain this?

We are convinced that through the actions undertaken since the launch of the Ferrières Campus Well Being Project, students are seizing the opportunity to develop their resilience; we teach them optimism, self-awareness, self-observation in action, curiosity, tolerance towards others, and many other essential skills to navigate an increasingly volatile world. We introduce them to the practice of mindfulness and situational leadership which makes them as sensitive as they are demanding.

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The period of the 1st confinement was seen as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds. In addition to maintaining 100% of the classes, we set up daily meetings and activities. The principle? To Keep in touch and continue to develop our behavioral skills. Thus, every day, our students and their teachers and sometimes even parents met for the “14ZEN”​: physical challenges and coaching (optimalism, stress, mindfulness or even preparation for oral exams) followed by free discussions. Future school students and students’ parents also joined us, not to mention all our partners who greatly animated these strong moments.

So, what can we do for the third party who is not doing so well or not well at all?

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As part of the Ferrières Campus Well-Being Project, each student has a designated Referent and benefits from at least one individual meeting per semester. During these meetings we talk about everything, about life, school and career. Students who wish to do so can have access to a coach. Students who are identified as being in a fragile or distressing situation are referred to specialists and a personal success plan is put in place with the academic staff and, if necessary, in collaboration with the parents.

Krumma Jonsdottir

General Manager GA Education

MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

BSc Management of Hotel and Restaurant Companies

About the Ferrières Campus Well-Being Project

The Ferrières Campus Well-Being Project was launched at the start of the 2019 school year and since then, students, as well as speakers and collaborators, have aspired to include a well-being, balance, performance and personal development approach in everything they undertake. In this context, everyone is invited to participate in regular surveys. Anonymous surveys which aim to monitor the well-being level of all members of the community and above all, to measure the effectiveness of the actions undertaken and then to identify future needs and opportunities.

All the tools and interventions applied are based on scientific studies from positive and cognitive psychology for the benefit of a positive education. For more information, please contact krumma.jonsdottir@ferrieres-paris.com