8 innovative solutions rewarded by Equiphotel, Ferrieres School, and the audience

Dec 21, 2020 -

This edition took place virtually from November 16 to 20, 2020, as part of EquipHotel Week

This competition featuring four categories with regard to the main themes of the ceremony: Catering, Design, Well-being, Tech / Services, and two subcategories: customer experience and well-being at work, EquipHotel and the Ferrieres Campus Shed light on innovations in the hospitality sector.

From November 16 to 20, The audience voted among the 24 selected innovative solutions for the winner of each sub-category on the platform EquipHotel week.

More than 2,000 votes were registered, a proof of the enthusiasm shown by the professionals working in the Innovation Awards sector.

The 2020 winners are:

Food service category
Well-being at work sub-category

Castalie and its connected water dispenser Pure
The Castalie water dispensers, connected to an online interface, displayed on different sites are monitored, gauged, and configured remotely in case a problem arises, thus reducing in-person intervention, and allowing for a better overseeing of water consumption and avoidance of higher bottle consumption. This process entails tracing the carbon footprint generated by each dispenser and by the whole water supply network

Customer experience sub-category

D-Vine Connect
It is the first professional system of its kind through which great wines can be served by the glass in optimal tasting conditions. Thanks to an RFID chip fitted in the bottle, the wine is properly breathed and brought to the temperature desired by the winegrower. The food service professional has access to a selection of 70 references validated by a MOF sommelier. 

Design category
Well-being at work sub-category

The 365 mattresses: a patented barrier to bedbugs.
This patented device, attached to the feet of box springs, detects, captures, and prevents the invasion of bedbugs in the bedding. The renewable removable ring allows maintaining the lasting effectiveness of the device.

Customer experience sub-category

The Glowzen Room
The Glowzen Room is innovative and inspiring consisting of immersive lightroom. A moment of contemplation offered thanks to bioluminescence, a light with relaxing virtues, inspired by nature

Tech/services category
Well-being at work sub-category

It is a complete and automated solution that Smartly controls energy sources by taking into account room reservations, the guest’s presence in the room, or even the outside temperature, to provide the right temperature at the right time. ith this tool via the Cloud the hotel staff can enhance the amenities of rooms and buildings in real-time, optimizing cleaning or maintenance.

Customer experience sub-category and the jury’s special “Coup de Coeur” award

Mile Positioning Solutions: Runnin’City
Runnin’City is a mobile application allowing visitors to discover more than 215 cities through unique routes, on foot or while running. The solution offers clear, digital, and easy-to-use itineraries. It allows hotels to differentiate themselves by offering unique and personalized experiences starting right at the doorsteps of their establishments. Users benefit from a free and easy-to-use solution allowing them to combine sport and cultural discovery.

The winners’ Prizes:

Each winner received an innovation trophy as well as prizes awarded by EquipHotel, 5,000 € as advertising or a sponsorship prize to be used during the EquipHotel edition in 2022, and by Ferrieres campus, a Free VIP Membership for one year at Hospitality Lab of Campus Ferrieres.

The members of the jury chaired by Céline Falco, vice-president of Paris Inn Group are:

– Béatrice Gravier, director of EquipHotel; l
– Khalil Khater, Chairman of the Accelis Group and Campus Ferrieres;
– Yannick Alleno, three-star chef;
– Patrice Begay, Communication Director BPI France;
– Abdoulaye Fadiga, Founder of Champion Spirit;
– Guillaume Gomez, Head Chef of the Elysée Palace;
– Michael Malapert, Designer and Interior Architect;
– Elizabeth Leriche, Director of the Elizabeth Leriche Trend forecasting agency;
– Anastasia Tess, Head Sommelier at Restaurant Le Taillevent, former student of Ecole Ferrieres.