Full Time

Programme Length
Programme Length
Preparatory cycle
The preparatory cycle allows you to establish the operational bases, the soft skills and to quickly become able to apply the fundamental techniques and behaviors common to luxury companies. It also makes the student autonomous and adaptable to any multicultural context.

2 years Preparatory cycle
+ 2 years of specialization


Ferrieres / Barcelona

Tuition fees
Tuition fees

€ 18,400 per year

Career Path
Career Path

100% employability

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Overview of the IBBA programme

After the preparatory course, students who progress into the IBBA follow their courses in English.

Over the course of two years, they gain autonomy and adaptability skills, which prove effective in multicultural contexts and extend their competencies in their chosen areas of study.

Semester 5: Ferrieres campus in Barcelona
Semester 6: Study abroad or practical experience overseas
Semester 7 at Ferrieres: Choice of specialty
Semester 8 at Ferrieres: Project handling, according to the approved field of study.

Work & Study is possible in year 4.


  • 1st year of the Ferrieres Preparatory Cycle
    Acquire the operational fundamentals, soft skills and quickly build the capacity to implement the standard techniques and behaviors common to luxury companies.
  • 2nd year of the Ferrieres Preparatory Course
    Build the autonomy of students and their adaptability to any multicultural context.
  • Study abroad opportunities in 3rd year of the IBBA Ferrieres
    This international programme is two-fold: One semester abroad which can take many forms: Academic in one of one partners’ campuses overseas, linguistic: strengthening proficiency in a foreign language, experiential: involving a professional internship.
  • Work & Study programme in 4th year
    Ferrieres places emphasis on the Work & Study programme and gives the students the opportunity to benefit from it during this year of specialization. With access to placement at one of our corporate partners, undertaken in parallel to courses, the students can pay the overall amount of the two semesters.

Do you wish to specialise in Hospitality, Food Service,
Event Planning or Human Resources ?

Ferrieres Lifestyle

Student Life

Coordinated by the Student Office (BDE), Ferrieres encourages the development of community life, a key factor in the development of its students on the Campus.

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During their training, each student is gradually integrated into the different positions in the kitchen, dining room, sommelier, bar, reception, cleaning, sales, reservation, maintenance, and organization of events.

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Ferrieres' ecosystem

The Ferrieres' ecosystem offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with "l'Excellence" thanks to several restaurants, caterers, and a 4 * hotel.

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