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A 2 year MSc in an exceptional school

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A 2 year MSc in an exceptional school

At Ferrières, we firmly believe that success lies in a training program which combines theory and practice and provides plenty of scope for self-fulfillment.
The MSc aims to train both top executives ans competent and versatile entrepreneurs, capable of successfully taking on positions of responsability and of defining how the profession may evolve.

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Areas of Expertise

We have developed our programme in close collaboration with prestigious partners in the hospitality, gastronomy and luxury sectors as well as major international business schools. The 2nd year specializations are:

  • MSc specialization Luxury Hospitality & Innovation (double degree with SKEMA business School and Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • MSc specialization Gastronomy, Events & Innovation double degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management

At Ferrières, we believe that success starts with an intense academic programme that combines both theory and practice as well as specific personal development activities.

The programme was developed in collaboration with professionals from our partner companies within the hospitality, gastronomy and luxury industries, as well as advisors from renowned business schools.



Ferrières’ MSc degree course offers unique expertise developed through human, managerial and technical skills, essential for success in today’s “VUCA” (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, as well as the adaptability to change required by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Educational methods

The methodology incorporates the “learning through project management, based on the real stakes of the industry ” or “project-based learning through hands-on business issues “.

  • The majority of courses follow a “workshop” format
  • The speakers are active professionals or academics
  • The learners are not only Ferrières students but include professionals aiming at gaining professional expertise in a specific field
  • Individual projects during the 1st year tackle real life problematics faced by our partner companies
  • Students with different academic backgrounds benefit from “bridging” courses: culinary fundamentals, food and beverage management, hospitality fundamentals, luxury service management and finance in hospitality
  • Professionalization and a career-specific structure are at the heart of the MSc framework, offering leadership workshops, conferences, debates, round-tables with professionals, as well as a career-development centre

Structure and career-path

The structure of Ferrières’ MSc is unique. In addition to earning 120 European Credits (ECTs), over 4 semesters, the workshops and career advice allow students to strengthen their self-awareness, time and stress management and focus their priorities as outstanding professionals.

This path is a major asset for successful integration into the labour market and for fast career progression.


Once graduated you will be able to:

  • Manage yourself and lead others as a positive leader and coach.
  • master the sectors and the role of hospitality
    in their systems;

  • anticipate consumer behaviour and its impact
    on business evolution;

  • focus on service approach, service delivery,
    quality and innovation;

  • apply managerial, financial, and marketing
    knowledge to projects in these fields;

  • focus on data analytics, electronic distribution,
    and revenue management strategies;

  • apply sustainable and quality management
    techniques (continuous improvement);

  • anticipate upcoming challenges that these
    sectors might face;

  • manage complex projects & business development.

Year 1

  • Financial Accounting incl: Planning & Controlling
  • Managerial Finance
  • People Management & InterCultural Management
  • Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
  • Executive Accountability & Buiness Law
  • Revenue Management
  • Strategic Management in Hospitality
  • Service Management
  • e-commerce & Online Business
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Restaurant Entreneurship
  • International Wine Culture
  • Innovation & Culinary Trend
  • Marketing & Branding in the Luxury Industry
  • Luxury Distribution (on & offline Distribution Channels)
  • Luxury Management (Business Case)
  • Opening Workshop & Career Centre
  • Leadership & Communication for Entrepreneurs
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Market Overview & Group Project
  • Internship & report

Courses in english only

Year 2


  • Advanced Project Management (Globalization Project Work)
  • Research & critical Thinking
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Technology and Technological Convergence (Big Data & Information Systems)
  • Introductions to Facilities & Real Estate Management incl: Négociation, Complex Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Piloting and Controlling Performance, (Corporate and Project Finance)
  • Quality Management & Sustainability Disaster Management
  • Communication, Marketing & Branding (CRM & e-Marketing, Service Marketing)
  • The Luxury Industry, History, Major Actors & Trends
  • Macro Environment & Trend, Tourism & Hospitality Ecosystem
  • Operations Management in Hospitality
  • Revenue Management : Distribution, Sales, social Media & Guest Feedback (case Study)
  • Opening Workshop
  • Career Center / Professional Development
  • Leadership & Communication for Entrepreneurs
  • People, Teams and Performance, Organizational Behaviour
  • Chinese (Mandarin)




  • Hospitality Analytics (Big Data)
  • Lifestyle Hospitality
  • 2 Electives Courses

→ Double Degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management
→ Double Degree with SKEMA Business School



  • Food & Wine Pairing (Principles & Promotion)
  • Advanced Restaurant Management (Finance & Analytics)
  • Advanced Restaurant Management (Case Study)
  • Catering Operations
  • 2* Electives Courses

→ Double Degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management



  • Masterclasses and Conferences
  • Entrepreneur Conversations
  • Project, Internship and Dissertation

*Electives are subject to change every year

Tuition Fees per year

  • Year 1 : 20.000 euros
  • Year 2 : 25.000 euros


Dress code

Ferrières recognizes the importance of sober and elegant dress. It is an integral part of the student’s behavioural knowledge. Combined with academic skills and hands-on experience, it leads to graduates becoming highly appreciated professionals in the luxury business environment.


  1. Hold a Bachelor degree or an equivalent international degree (180 ECTS)
  2. Fill-in the application form on-line
  3. Motivational Interview : social skills, motivation, enthusiasm, adaptability and determination, as well as your intellectual capabilities (analytical, summarization and foreign language skills).


  1. Hold the equivalent of a 1st year international Msc (240 ECTS)
  2. Fill-in the application form on-line
  3. Motivational Interview at Ferrières. An appointment can be made on admissions@Ferrières-paris.com. An assessment will be made of your social skills, motivation, enthusiasm, adaptability and determination, as well as your intellectual capabilities (analytical, summarization and foreign language skills).


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