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Financing your education

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Financing solutions for studying at Ferrières

Once your admission is finalized, Ferrières School provides a range of effective services to help you find the best possible financing solutions, thanks to its internal funding body:

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The Ferrieres Endowment Fund

An independent endowment fund, doing even more for our students:

For the 2017-2018 academic year, almost 60% of students benefited from a partial scholarship for the duration of their curriculum (3 years for the Bachelor and 2 years for the MSc). This level was achieved thanks to the participation of our hotel and industry partners.

Visit The Ferrieres Endowment Fund website

Bank loan at a preferential rate

Negotiated with Ferrières network of banking partners, the loan can be reimbursed during the years following graduation.

Work & study

In the 3rd year of the Bachelor and the 1st year of the MSc, Ferrières provides a limited number of students with the possibility of taking a Work & Study employment contract in one of the operational units within the Ferrières ecosystem: restaurants, hotels or events.

Specific professional roles

Within the Ferrières ecosystem operational units, chefs and departments regularly provide students with the opportunity to take on specific professional roles (occasional or temporary work) in hospitality and restaurant professions. These roles are allocated to the best students, giving them the opportunity to partly finance their studies.

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