Financez Vos Études

Ferrières wishes to open up the unique quality of its teaching and its environment to as many people as possible, by offering innovative solutions allowing students to finance their studies.

G.A Finance

With the support of its unique internal funding body, Ferrières enables students to obtain the best possible funding solution for their education:

  • Support in compiling the administrative documents
  • Fast response time
  • Negotiation of best rates
  • Rapid setting up and triggering of loan
  • A loan which can be reimbursed in the years following graduation.
The Endowment Fund

Do more for students and the school:school:

  • Social Assistance Scholarships, awarded for the duration of the diploma based on 3 criteria: order of registration, parents’ income, and the quality of the application,
  • Excellence Scholarships: awarded to international and French students based on criteria of excellence,
  • Operations aimed at encouraging the development of international partnerships with the best schools and universities in the world.
Work & Study scheme and Work & Study

Students who will join Ferrières next academic year will be able to benefit from Work & Study, in 3rd year of Bachelor and 4th year of IBBA.

Ferrières provides a limited number of students with the possibility of taking a Work & Study employment contract, combining their studies with employment in one of the operational units within the Ferrières ecosystem: restaurants, hotels or events. Further details can be obtained from the Student Council.

Specific Professional Roles

Within the Ferrières ecosystem operational units, departments head regularly provide students with the opportunity to take on specific professional roles (occasional or temporary work) in hospitality and restaurant professions. These roles are allocated to the best students, making it easier for them to finance their studies.