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Ferrieres assets

Ferrieres takes higher education to the next level and offers its students a progressive educational experience.

1. CDI 100%

A permanent contract is guaranteed after your graduation with one of our partners in Hospitality, Food Service and Luxury. A full-time long-term job in accordance with the wages of professional market, from 1 900 € to 
2 700 € gross/month.

2. PAP

The “PAP” is unique to Ferrières. Students follow an immersive learning process in Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury units, in a real-world context, alongside seasoned professionals and catering to the demands of real guests.

3. An agile education

Ferrières is the only school that offers a 2-year preparatory cycle allowing students to evolve seamlessly towards their third year and ponder their field of study and their duration of studies. It is also the only school that gives equal value to behavioural skills and academic learning.

4. A unique ecosystem

Our students have the chance to thrive in an exceptional environment (the Château and its garden, the hotel and the restaurants, educational buildings and the innovation center) at 25 km from Paris.

5. A Work & Study possibility

A Work & Study course can be taken at different stages of Ferrières’ academic path. It allows students to finance their studies and to combine professional practice with academic learning.

6. Innovation: A key component

Ferrières has chosen to face the world of tomorrow. A digital approach is applied to every field of the education and projects involving the students. The centre of innovation H-Tech Valley is soon to be inaugurated on Campus.

7. An easy funding

Ferrieres optimizes the financial process of funding studies through its Endowment Fund which eases the procedure on students by granting them scholarships and giving them the possibility to undertake a Work & Study scheme.

8. An international school

Our courses have an international dimension: study abroad, internship opportunities around the world, courses taught in English starting the 3rd year.

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