Full-time for the 1st year with a work study experience over alternating periods beginning the 2nd year

Programme Length
Programme Length

3 years


Ferrieres - Barcelona

Tuition fees
Tuition fees

Initial course: 31 000€

Curriculum with learning period: 16 000€

Career Path
Career Path

100% employability

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Bachelor Ferriere Program 2024 – 2025

1st year of preparatory studies – Career Prep

  • Perform a 360° cognitive reset to take control of my future 
  • Know myself better in order to identify where my strengths and weaknesses lie so that I can work better with others.
  • Experience all the operational functions of the different professions in real-life situations (P.A.P.)
  • Lay the foundations for my future operational credibility.
  • Increase my employability by developing a diverse skill set.

2nd year – Expatriation and Professionalization 

  • Learn about team management and entrepreneurial projects 
  • Enrich myself by learning to work as part of a team.
  • Identify in others the skills that complement my own in order to collaborate effectively
  • Increase my employability by diversifying my skills and expanding my expertise
  • Identify the fields most aligned with my skill set in order to define my short- and medium-term professional goals

3rd year – Consolidation and final project 

  • Fulfil my passion by working alongside top experts in my chosen field
  • Strengthen my professional expertise to guarantee my immediate productivity upon graduation
  • Deepen my technical skills and master the specific details that will allow me to achieve excellence


The Ferrières Training Experience combines 4 main teaching methods:

  • PROFESSIONALISING EDUCATION, which allows students to acquire technological, scientific and technical knowledge taught during the course to reach a given level of expertise through interactive courses.
  • APPLIED EDUCATION (also known as P.A.P. for the Programme for Professional Acceleration) which allows students to put the knowledge they’ve acquired into practice and to understand the professional challenges facing companies in the hospitality sector. This approach also contributes to personal development both in terms of maturity and in terms of professional orientation (fields of specialisation, companies, professions, geographical regions, etc.).
  • INDUCTIVE TEACHING through participation in regular and one-time events (trade fairs, networking events, masterclasses, competitions, visits, internships, etc.).
  • INDIVIDUALISED SUPPORT for students in terms of personal development, further studies, professional goals, and employability.


Each course is assessed both by Continuous Assessment (CA) and by a Final Examination (FE). All the assessments for each course lead to a CA mark which counts for 60% and an FE mark which counts for 40%.

  • Continuous assessment work varies depending on the course, examples include: participation scores, multiple choice quizzes, individual or group presentations, etc.
  • Final exams may include: a practical test in a professional environment, case studies, projects, and writing and defending dissertations.

RNCP level 6 title (equivalent to a Bac + 3) Manager in International Hospitality and Restoration

This certification is composed of 4 blocks of skills. Students must complete the related courses or equivalents within the VAE (validation of acquired competencies) framework.

To receive the certification, each student must therefore acquire all the skills that make up each block of skills.

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Do you wish to specialize in the Hotel, Food & Beverage, Events or Human Resources subject areas?

Ferrieres Lifestyle

Student Life

Coordinated by the Student Office (BDE), Ferrieres encourages the development of community life, a key factor in the development of its students on the Campus.

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During their training, each student is gradually integrated into the different positions in the kitchen, dining room, sommelier, bar, reception, cleaning, sales, reservation, maintenance, and organization of events.

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Ferrières Campus

The Ferrières campus offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with “Excellence" thanks to several restaurants, catering and a 4 * hotel.

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