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Program Length
Preparatory cycle
The preparatory cycle allows you to establish the operational bases, the soft skills and to quickly become able to apply the fundamental techniques and behaviors common to luxury companies. It also makes the student autonomous and adaptable to any multicultural context.

2 years Preparatory cycle
+ 1 year of specialization



Tuition fees

€ 18,400 per year

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Overview of the Bachelor programme

The Ferrières’ preparatory cycle is diversified and well-rounded. It is a 2-year cross-disciplinary programme (semester 1,2,3,4) through which students benefit from comprehensive learning in hospitality. It allows learners to advance to efficient and operational roles and enables them to put into practice the foundational techniques and behaviors inherent to the Luxury industry.


  • 1st year of the Ferrières Preparatory Cycle
    Acquire the operational fundamentals, soft skills, and quickly build the capacity to implement the standard technics and behaviors common to luxury companies.
  • 2nd year of the Ferrières Preparatory Cycle
    Build the autonomy and the adaptability of students to any multicultural context.

The Ferrières Bachelor is designed for students who choose to enter immediately the workforce.
Semesters 5 and 6 broaden students’ practical skills and allow them to perform better in operational positions and handle more duties within a team.

  • 3rd year of the Ferrières Bachelor
    The choice of major and entry into the corporate world.

Educational method

Ferrières engages with each student through a philosophical approach coupled with a positive education that places an equal emphasis on rigor and on mindfulness.
Ferrières is not just a school: it is a unique educational community involving teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, and coaches.
Ferrières focuses on emotions, commitment, relationships, purposefulness, performance, and vitality and offers a unique ecosystem enabling students to develop their soft skills throughout their course of study.

Ferrières guides, educates, initiates, drives forward, and instructs every student, allowing each of them to stir their success in the right direction, by building on their own path and through the conferences and workshops at offer, and through the coursework evolution.

Do you wish to specialize in: Hospitality, catering, events, human resources?

Ferrières Lifestyle

Student Life

Coordinated by the Student Office (BDE), Ferrières encourages the development of community life, a key factor in the development of its students on the Campus.

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During their training, each student is gradually integrated into the different positions in the kitchen, dining room, sommelier, bar, reception, cleaning, sales, reservation, maintenance, and organization of events.

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Ferrières' ecosystem

The Ferrières' ecosystem offers students an exceptional professional experience and immediately confronts them with "l'Excellence" thanks to several restaurants, caterers, and a 4 * hotel.

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