Ferrières, the preferred school of Hospitality Professionals

Discover our campus
Discover our campus
Ferrieres ambitions,
Train efficiently the future actors of the civil society and of the economic community.
Develop a course of study through the prism of positive education
Uphold our core values: Audacity, Innovation, Humility, Work and Openness

Ferrieres Programmes

Preparatory cycle

Preparatory cycle allows learners to progress into efficient and operational individuals able to put into practice the fundamental techniques and behaviours inherent to the luxury industries.

Professional Growth

During your training, you will have full access to tutorials, lectures, and online courses via the Ferrieres Coaching platform which will allow you to monitor your business’s progress.

All our speakers are signatories of the “Ferrieres charter” and are committed to applying a method that is specific to our own educational methodology. The Ferrieres signature is in our approach: “listening, analysis and tailor-made solutions”.

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Finance Your Studies

Ferrieres seeks to open its progressive teaching, advanced offerings and inspiring environment to the greatest number of applicants, by offering innovative solutions allowing lower-income students to finance their studies.

G.A Finance

The Endowment Fund eases the funding procedure on students who need financial assistance by granting them partial scholarships and/or giving them the possibility to undertake a Work&Study scheme during their time at Ferrieres.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund constantly strives to accommodate lower-income students, via ensuring Social Assistance Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships.

Work & Study scheme

Ferrieres provides a limited number of students with the possibility of taking a Work & Study employment contract, enabling them to combine their studies with employment in one of the operational units within the Ferrieres ecosystem: restaurants, hotels, or events. Further details can be obtained from the Student Union.

Specific Professional Roles

Within the Ferrieres ecosystem operational units, departments’ heads regularly provide students with the opportunity to take on specific professional roles (occasional or temporary work) in hospitality and restaurant professions. These roles are given to the most performing students, making it easier for them to finance their studies.

École Ferrières excellence

Ferrieres, the school of excellence, à la Française

Ferrieres aims to become the most targeted school for the Hotel, Gastronomy and Luxury professionals and seeks to uphold the highest education standards.

Discover the campus

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