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For its 8th season, the famous TV show « Top Chef » chose Ferrières School to introduce one of its brand new tests : French High Gastronomy.

For its 8th season, Ferrieres School was proud to host Top Chef and its prestigious jury, including : Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège.

This season will introduce many changes in the competition including : barbecue, drawing and French High Gastronomy.

The French High Gastronomy contest was held at Ferrieres School. Contestants were asked to dress a high-standard table and create one prestigious dish. The « Grands Tables » jury  then assessed them. This jury includes :

  • Gilles Reinhardt, Chef, Paul Bocuse 3 Michelin Stars « L’auberge du pont des Collonges »,
  • Nicolas Sale, Chef, 2 Michelin Stars restaurant « L’Espadon au Ritz »,
  • Denis Courtiade, Restaurant Manager, Alain Ducasse 3 Michelin Stars – « Plaza Athénée »,
  • Serge Schaal, Restaurant Manager, 2 Michelin Stars restaurant 2 « La Fourchettes des ducs ».

It is THE current trend : French High Gastronomy is back ! From Yannick Alléno to Jean-Francois Piège, from Anne-Sophie Pic to Christian Le Squer, famous Chefs are sharpening their knives, setting new standards and re-creating French culinary classics. The episode was broadcasted on Wednesday 1st of March, 9pm on M6 !

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Backstage Photo Gallery :

  • Stéphane ROTENBERG, Jean-François PIEGE, Nicolas SALE et Gilles REINHARDT

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