Hospitality – Gastronomy – Luxury

The ambition of Ferrières is to become the preferred school for current and future professionals within the industries of Hospitality, Luxury and Gastronomy. This ambition takes its root in the proper history of Ferrières. An immense heritage of French Excellence today rediscovered and developed by the school’s prestigious professionals and partners.

Driven by the core values of tradition and innovation, humility, work and open vision, the mission of Ferrières is threefold:

  • Educate future professionals from around the world, through a range of programmes, that fit industry requirements in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Luxury : Bachelor, MSc and Culinary qualifying programmes
  • Contribute to the furthering of knowledge and practices over the three dimensions : food Culture, Hospitality management and Luxury.
  • Strengthen the influence and attractiveness of France in these areas of excellence.

This mission is achieved through the delivery of initial education programmes (Bachelor and MSc degrees) as well as Culinary and proficiency diploma.

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