For the second year in a row, the Academie Nationale de Cuisine (Ile de France chapter) induction evening was held at Ferrieres School, on Monday 6th of February 2017.

Ferrieres School students’ support in organizing the event

Starting in the afternoon, our staff, assisted by Ferrieres students, organised the evening, and the event partners set up their  culinary stands for the cocktail : Vegetable producers, butchers, cheese-makers,etc… Guest arrived from 6.00 pm by the main entrance, welcomed by Emmanuel Fournis, ACN member, Patricia TISSERONT, the ACN secretary, and Ferrieres students.

The Chef of the restaurant Le Baron, Ludovic Petit, becomes a member of the ACN

The ceremony started with a guard of honour formed by Ferrieres students, each one holding a medal for a new Academy member.. The induction was then led by Cyril Horcholle, ACN Deleguee. All our best congratulations to the Chef of the Gastronomic restaurant Le Baron, at Ferrieres Castle, Ludovic Petit, who was appointed during the evening, following the inductions, several years before, of Patrick Juhel, Executive Cuisine Chef MOF at Ferrieres Castle and Desty Brami, Executive Pastry Chef.

A big thank you for the organization of the event

Thanks to Cyrille Horcholle for organizing the event. Ferrieres School adresses a warm thank you to the students who helped us in organizing this event and who, as is now customary, demonstrated what is French Excellence.


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