Les Ateliers Ferrières


Within the privileged atmosphere of the Château de Ferrières, and taking benefit from the skills and facilities of Ferrières, the School of French Excellence, “Les Ateliers Ferrières” offers a full range of Cuisine, Pastry and Oenology workshops. 

This specialised training centre welcomes individuals and professionals (French and Internationals) to further their knowledge or to open them up to new perspectives. A team of experts, some of which are laureates of international culinary competitions, provide a range of short and thorough trainings in collaboration with the school academics.


Every “Les Ateliers Ferrières diploma” is a full-time training programme, which enables one to benefit from the highest level of instruction within the fields of : Cuisine, Pastry or Oenology. This training allows participants to acquire the best French culinary techniques in order to reach specific professional objectives/projects. All our qualifying trainings are taught in French and English.

Next sessions:

April, 3rd 2017 Ateliers Pâtisserie
July, 3rd 2017 Ateliers Cuisine
October, 3rd 2017 Ateliers Pâtisserie

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